Stick V8 – magic wand from SMOK

So I look at the development of wapping and think about how, with such a huge range of products, devices like iJust 2 are still popular? In fact, the answer lies on the surface – among the vapers there are enough people who want to get the most simple and powerful device without overpaying for the functions that are unnecessary to them. This fact is confirmed by the fact that large manufacturers consistently produce similar devices. Among them is SMOKTECH , which recently presented several versions of the mod for beginners. I suggest you see what is now in the directory of SMOK and draw your conclusions on this issue 🙂

Brit One / Stick V8 - magic wands from SMOK

I draw your attention to the fact that in this case, it is of great importance with which atomizer the manufacturer delivers the battery pack, because it depends on it TTX. In addition, as you will be surprised, the design of the devices is slightly different from each other. But this is not a reason to scold the manufacturer. Most of the devices in this class look the same.

Brit One Kit

If you closely follow the activities of SMOKTECH , you should be aware that relatively recently they have a line of mid-range atomizers – Brit . Overview on the tank you can find the tank right here . The manufacturer offered to use the tank with a couple of their devices and now they were joined by Misub. Sets are sold in two versions, which do not differ much from each other.

Stick V8

Where more famous and powerful are the TFV8. It is not difficult to guess that for these tanks SMOK decided to make a more powerful device. Nothing new came up with – in fact, everything here is the same, except for the increased battery capacity and slightly changed design.

Wismec Sinuous P80 – Honey, I shrunk the Predator

FreeMax FireLuke, and who is we here so puzatenky?

Just want to note that I liked the tank with my appearance. Yes, it is not some cosmic atomizer with steep engravings, etc. But despite this, the designers managed to make a nice device. Almost the main reason – well-chosen color options for the case. I though colorblind, but still could choose for themselves a couple of cool options. The second feature is an interesting form of the reservoir for liquid. If you remember, something like that showed us the company Fumutech , but here, in my opinion, everything is implemented much more successfully. FreeMax FireLuke 

As I understand it, the novelty is positioned by the manufacturer as a flagship device and in my opinion, it has every chance to compete for success in the market. That’s only with the evaporators comes out a little insulting. The description indicates that the tank will work with FireLock Coil Family . All would be nothing, but this line consists of only two options – Sextuple Coil – 0.15 ohm, recommended power from 60 to 140W; Duodenary coil – 0.15 ohm, the recommended power is from 80 to 180W. I can assume that soon there will be additional options.

The majority of users should be pleased with the information on the availability of the served base. In addition to being pleasant in financial terms, it will also significantly increase the number of potential buyers of the novelty. As for the base itself, the user receives Velocity racks with holes of 2.5 mm. For the supply of air to the spirals, there are two nozzles (5 by 4.5 mm).

The air in the evaporating chamber gets through two slots in the lower part of the case. Their size (14 by 3.5 mm) should be enough for the head, both for complete evaporators, and for any adequate spirals. Adjust the tightening torque by turning the ring. It is possible to completely cover the slots, at the end there is a stopper. At the top of the atomizer we see a broad drift type (13 mm). Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided to use its format, so it will not be possible to establish its drift type here.

Various Vaping Options for Beginner

SMOK Stick X8 and Stick V8, Which Starter Kit Will You Buy?

Stick X8 is the newest pen style starter kit from SMOK, it’s top-airflow edition was inspired from the popular Stick V8 Kit, delivering a long-lasting 3000mAh rechargeable battery to pair with the highly dynamic TFV8 X-Baby Baby Beast Brother. Both have good market, but what’s the difference between them and which one do you like most, let’s have a look through a simple form.SMOK Stick X8, Stick V8
TFV8 X-Baby in a pen-style form factor, the SMOK Stick X8 Starter Kit is a phenomenal plug-and-play offering in its segment.

Just from the performance, Stick X8 is good choice, but Stick V8 has the price advantage, so that you can purchase them for your own preference.

As the SMOK said, innovation keeps changing the vaping experience! we are expecting that they will release more new products like them.

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Top 5 vape products 2017

SMOK T-Priv Kit, If Transformers was a vape

Chinese vape manufacturer SMOK is well known for their imaginative design, and product backstories that are literally out of this world. Their latest offering is the highly anticipated T-Priv, available as a stand-alone mod, or paired with the TFV8 Big Baby tank as a starter kit. SMOK T-Priv Kit

The T-Priv combines a form factor reminiscent of the H-Priv with an aggressive future aesthetic. The outer shell of the mod is a hollowed-out chassis with deeply engraved detailing. Under that layer sits the LED panels – fully customizable – that illuminate when you vape and fire the device.

The specs sheet looks very similar to other recent SMOK offerings: dual 18650 batteries, wattage up to 220 W, TC mode for nickel, stainless and titanium, and firmware upgradable. A quick search online finds the T-Priv selling as a stand-alone from $50 up to $72, and as a starter kit from as low as $57 in some China shops.

Let’s take the T-Priv for a vapetest and see how it performs!


The T-Priv kit ships in the now-standard packaging we have come to expect from SMOK. You get the TFV8 Big Baby tank and two coils, the V8 Baby Q2 and T8, to start you off. The usual spares come with the kit too – o-rings, a spare juice inlet, vape band, and spare tank glass. The T-Priv ships with the 2 mL version of the TFV8 tank in the EU. The user manual is comprehensive, and covers the feature range of the kit.

The only extras you’ll need are some 18650 batteries, and that all-important e-liquid to vape on.

The T-Priv is available as a stand-alone mod, or paired with the TFV8 Big Baby tank. This is a reliable, if somewhat thirsty, sub ohm tank that comes as standard with a range of SMOK products these days. For the rest of this review, we will deal primarily with the T-Priv mod itself. For my thoughts on the Big Baby tank, check my review of the GX2/4 kit, as well as Bill Herbst’s review of the Baby Beast tank.

The T-Priv will draw heads and split opinion. But it follows SMOK’s logic of creating eye-catching, interstellar inspired devices to the next level. Simply put, I’ve never seen a mass-market box mod quite like it before.

While aesthetics is totally subjective, form is always form. This isn’t a mod for the easily intimidated, or small of hand. It’s chunky, it’s large, and it’s a bit of a brick in the hand. Firing with the thumb or forefinger works whether you’re left or right handed, so that’s cool.

I understand why you’d position the screen up top, but it limits the size of the atomizer you could fit, which is a shame for such a chunky mod. If you’re using an RTA, or if your sub ohm tank leaks, chances are that e-juice will get on the OLED display.

Long-term, the crevices between the outer shell and the LED panels will collect grime and gunk, and I can imagine the T-Priv being tricky to clean.

Ultimately, the problem with “innovative” is that it dates quickly. The T-Priv may be a standout device right now, but in a year’s time? Will you still be rocking it?

Wismec Sinuous FJ200 Kit: Convenient, Versatile and Timeless

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