Aimidi Tank T2 160W MOD Giveaway

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We are giving away 2sets of Tank T2 160W MOD, which is the newest Box MOD from AIMIDI.

Powered by dual external 18650 cells, the Tank 2 can fire up to 160W power with as low as 0.1ohm coil. It supports variable wattage and variable temperature control for Ni200/Ti/SS wires. The 0.96-inch color TFT display has a vertical menu with vape info that include coil type, resistance, voltage, amps, puff counts and battery bars for the dual 18650 cells.

we will choose 2 winners on Jan 26(-0600GMT), easy to join.

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Aimidi Tank T2 160W MOD Giveaway

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Vaporesso Switcher 220W Kit Giveaway


Freemax Fireluke Mesh – Facilitate Vaping To the New Stage

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh is a sub ohm tank that uses kanthal mesh instead of regular wrapped coils.

When it comes to tanks, Freemax makes underrated atomizers. I have three them which I am very pleased with in terms of performance and build quality. The first two I got were the Starre Pure and the OG Fireluke, which to me are every bit as good as — if not better than — the more popular Uwell Crown III.

The third of my Freemax tanks is the new Fireluke Mesh Tank. It’s a striking 24 mm subohm tank that uses mesh coils. It comes in three different styles including Steel, Carbon Fiber and Resin, each in variety of colors. The steel version has a unique knurled design that matches the metal casing of the coil head.


Steel: Black, Gold, Rainbow, Silver, Blue, Gunmetal

Carbon Fiber: Black, Blue, Purple, Silver

Resin: Black, Blue, Purple, Red (Pink)


The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank is one of the best-looking tanks I’ve ever seen. Granted, looks don’t affect performance one bit, but I love the way this tank is designed. I received the Gold Steel and the Purple Resin versions. The steel version has a textured checkerboard pattern – just like the old school Gus Lord mechanical mod. It sort of looks like a piece of mesh matching the theme of the tank. And the coil heads feature the same mesh checkerboard design and also match the color of the actual device.

Each tank comes complete with a matching 810-drip tip. I’m a fan of the resin version and can see resin tanks becoming a trend in 2018. The purple version looks fantastic. It doesn’t have that checkerboard design, but the resin itself looks beautiful and also comes with a matching resin 810 tip and stainless-steel coils. I have yet to see the carbon fiber edition in person.

Features and Functions

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh uses a short-profile 810 drip tip so you can use other Goon-style tips with it. The tank has bottom airflow with 2 large air slots that are easy to adjust. It’s nice and smooth but at the same time, not too loose. And I am happy that Freemax decided to use a stopper instead of spinning 360 degrees freely.

The top cap uses two massive top-fill ports can be accessed by unscrewing the top. These ports take up about 95% of the top-fill portion, so plenty of room to fill with any kind of bottle. You can even pour juice straight in from a glass dropper bottle without using the dropper. It disassembles easily into 4 parts. The top cap, the fill cap, the glass and the bottom base.

But the tank must be empty before replacing the coil head. The coil itself screws into the base and holds the tank together when you screw it into the fill cap. The o-rings are all great as well. The tank is listed as 24 mm in diameter but I measured it closer to 24.5 mm (approximately the size of the SMOK Big Baby Beast), which should still be fine for most newer mods. Many mods now can handle at least a 25 mm atomizer without overhang.

Coil Performance

Now to the important stuff. How does it vape? There is only one coil option currently available for the Freemax Fireluke Mesh and that is a 0.15 ohm kanthal mesh coil with organic cotton. It has a lot, and I mean A LOT of cotton so make sure you prime it correctly. Put a few drops directly on the coil first. Then put it in tank. Fill up the tank, wait about 15-20 minutes to let it saturate. Take a few puffs without firing the tank. Start with a low wattage at first, around 50 Watts, then work your way up. I find it best at 65-70 watts, but usable in the 50-75-watt range.

Overall, I found the flavor and vapor production to be excellent. One of the best, if not the best for a sub ohm tank that needs 70 Watts or less to power it. This is most likely due to its mesh coil heads which provide a lot more surface area than a regular coil, having a positive impact on flavor. It also works really well on non-adjustable direct output single-battery or parallel mods like the DPRO 133, Teslacigs 3, or a stick mod like the SMOK Stick V8 or Vaptio C-II.

I found the coil life to be way above average. I’ve been vaping on the same coil for over two weeks now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down at all. These coils will surely last much longer than most typical sub ohm coil heads, once again due to the unique mesh coil system.


I’m very impressed with the Fireluke Mesh tank. It’s designed and constructed quite nicely. With so many options for resin, metal or carbon fiber, there should be a look suitable for every appropriate mod out there. Performance wise, for a sub ohm tank, it’s going to be hard to beat this without requiring a lot more wattage. The tank is easy to fill and I get no leaks or condensation. It just works really well and is quickly becoming one of my favorite sub ohm tanks. But how do you feel about mesh coils? Will this be the new trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

How to choose a vape suitable for a new vaper?


Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Giveaway

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The Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ is not just a 22mm version of the Dead Rabbit, it is a single coil flavor RDA.

Now we are giving away 4pcs Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA. How to win? Just complete our Hellvape survey. we will choose 4 winners on Jan 22(-0600GMT).

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Vaporesso Switcher 220W Kit Giveaway



Aspire Cygnet -Add It To Your New Year Wishlist

Aspire Cygnet -Add It To Your New Year Wishlist

By the end of 2017 Aspire surprised me a lot, by the fact that they released several pretty interesting products. Here I mean that these guys could not boast of activity before and

pdated their assortment much less often than competitors. The Chinese decided to continue the list of new products right after the holidays and released Cygnet , and now I invite you to discuss it. Cygnet by Aspire – New Wishlist for Beginners

In terms of design Aspire clearly make serious progress. If another year and a half ago their boxes could not stand out against the competition, now the situation has radically changed. This is confirmed by the latest updates, and Cygnetdefinitely not an exception. True, it seemed a little strange to me that the designers decided to return to the format of the boxes with the “understated” platform. Would have made a stick with the installation of an atomizer in the body of the box – it would have been much more interesting, in my opinion.


Dimensions :

Height – 72 mm.
The width is 45 mm.
Thickness – 23.5 mm.
Cygnet by Aspire – New Wishlist for Beginners
Technical characteristics :

Recently I got one of Aspire ‘s fresh boxes in my hands , so I can assure you that the boards they work with are very good. I do not think there will be much different chips, and Cygnetus too will be pleased. What surprised me was the lack of a temperature control regime. Honestly, I do not remember the last time I used it, but it seemed to me that in our time this function has become something mandatory, not a luxury that is provided only in expensive boxes.

As for the batteries, the novelty uses the familiar to all 18650. To be honest, for me this format is already gradually disappearing into the past, but the desire of manufacturers to support it is clear to me. Charge the battery thanks to the micro usb connector. But update the firmware, apparently, will not work. Let’s hope that the Chinese have done everything well and will not need anything in the correction 🙂

– the range of adjustable power is from 1 to 80W;
– the range of the supported voltage is from 0.5 to 8V;
– The supported resistance of the atomizer is from 0.1 to 3 ohm;
– Available modes of operation – VW / VV / BYPASS;
– display 0.86 OLED.

Reuleaux RX GEN3 by Wismec, the most serious update since the RX200S


Vaporesso Switcher Kit – New Year’s surprise

There is such a thing, guys …

You like to listen to interesting stories? Then listen …

Someone has screwed up a lot, and this one is a Vaporesso company. I’ll start from the end of the story – literally yesterday they introduced a new kit or whale called the Vaporesso Switcher Kit .

Having looked at the photo, I thought about it – more recently I’ve already seen it, but, sorry, the name was kind of connected with transformers. So it is, here it is – Vaporesso Transformer 220W Kit . Deciding to vent this situation, I visited the social network of the manufacturer. And, voila, found an official letter-appeal to buyers and customers.

Its essence boils down to the fact that we (Vaporesso company) heard your (customer’s) pleas and meet a new set called Vaporesso Switcher Kit, which was known earlier as the Vaporesso Transformer Kit. The pre-ordered sets will be sent to customers before the end of the month. And there are a lot of all useless tufts about how we care about you, and you about us. Here it is, you can get acquainted.

Naturally, in the comments the first words of support go – they say, you are good fellows, that you listen to the opinion of your customers, but then common sense prevails, and clients rightly resent and complain about the name change.

The manufacturer is obviously cunning. Most likely, they were simply taken for one soft spot about the illegal use of intellectual property – do you know the copyright? – that’s it they are. It is noteworthy that this happened quite quickly – a couple of weeks ago the release of the transformer took place. The company Vaporesso clearly values ​​its reputation in the world market, so it covered the shop in a quick way. Another Chinese manufacturer would not bother at all – I would stamp the devices in my barn further.

About the embarrassment said and the fact that the Transformer Kit disappeared from the official website of the company, just faded into oblivion.

Well, is it possible to lie so brazenly and most importantly why, because everyone understands everything. Honesty has always adorned, but apparently the company’s management is not aware of such matters.

Again, what should be the customers and especially the fans and companies, and sagas about transformers … Again, knowing the Western market and how much they love the subject of comic books and superheroes, there are certainly plenty of orders. I’m sure most of those who ordered this set bought it only for the sake of transformers.

Well, this is the New Year’s story.

As you understand, the set absolutely does not differ from its “prototype”, you can see the main overview there. For proforma, I post the characteristics and photo of the updated copy.

Compare yourself …

Dimensions: 89 x 53 x 31mm (145 x 53 x 31mm whale fully)
Weight: unknown
Housing material: zinc alloy
Power supply: 2 * 18650
Chipset:OMNI Board 2.6
Output power: up to 220W
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI) Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 5.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.0Ω
Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from wrong polarity, from recharge / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes, 0.96 ”
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 2A
Update / Firmware: yes
Color: black, gray, yellow, red-blue


SMOK, a rising star in vaping industry


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