Some tips to avoid spitback

Some tips to avoid spitback. Spitback means occasional sizzling e-liquid that can sometimes shoot into vapers’ mouths, usually accompanied by popping sounds.

The simple cause of spitback is e-juice getting pooled up on the coil and boiled instead of being vaporized, like

when we are cooking, dropping oil to the hot pan.

Even though spitback happens with all brands of tank, which makes vapers unhappy.

Here are some tips to avoid spitback:

1.Please don’t flood your coils. Before installing a new coil to the tank,

some users usually prime the coil, dripping some drops of e-juice onto the wicks.

If you drip too much e-juice into the chamber of the coil, it can easily cause the coil to flood and spit.

prime the coil

2.Clean your tank often, including the chimney ,top hardware and mouth piece.

In use, some condensation can build up inside the chimney or be collected at the top hardware or mouth piece of your tank.

If the condensations find its way back down to your coil, it will also cause spitback.

You can roll up tissue paper or use a Q-tip or cotton bud and insert it down into the chimney from the mouth piece,

which will soak up the excess e-juice and condensation inside the coil.

Clean your tank often

3.Turn up your wattage.

If the wattage is too low, the e-juice will not be vaporized on the coil as quickly as the wick is supplying it.

Please try to increase your wattage according to the suggested wattage range given by the manufacturers.

4.Fire before inhaling.

If your coil floods with e-juice, you can just hit the fire button for a few seconds before you start to inhale.

When the popping sounds go away, then you can vape without fear of spitback.

(When trying this method, please keep in mind that the vapor will be a little hot, because some heat has already built up inside the coil while you hit the fire button).

5.Use a higher VG e-juice.

If you are using a sub ohm tank, the e-juice holes of the coil can be quite large,

high PG e-juices are thinner,less viscous-and are more likely to flood the coil and cause leaking or spitback issues.

6.Inhale more gently. When you inhale too strongly will draw more e-juice into the coil and cause flooding.

If your tank’s airflow is adjustable, please adjust the airflow to your favorite position and inhale gently.

We hope these tips can help you get back to your favorite vape.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share with us.


Healthcabin KangerTech Kbox Mini 75W TC Mod Review

Healthcabin KangerTech Kbox Mini 75W TC Mod Review

初めてのHealthCabinKbox Mini TC 75W Mod購入の件

MODが壊れたので新しいMOD探しへで書きましたが、初めてのhealthcabinで$16.87で販売されていたKangerTech Kbox Mini TC 75W MODを購入。送料まで入れると大体2,000円ちょっとでしたが、今月1日に発送連絡があって21日にようやく届きました。注文から一々オランダを経由して約3週間掛かった訳ですがいくらなんでも遅すぎだろ。因みに今20%オフセールやってますけど、その分20%値上がりしてるっていうね、何とも胡散臭い商売やってるなぁて感じであんまりこの先利用したくないですね。ただ梱包はかなり頑強にしてあったので、そこは評価します。

さて、写真にある通り早速aspire Cleitoを装着して使ってみました。色合い的に見た目はかなり良いじゃないか。気になってたKbox Mini TC 75Wの重量ですが重量計に乗せてみると111gでした。バッテリーを挿入して約160g弱なので結構軽いですね。良かった良かった。ここで話が終わったらつまらないので既に散々レビューされているKangerTech Kbox Mini TC 75Wについてざっと下で触れていきます。

KangerTech Kbox Mini TC 75W

Kbox Mini TC 75Wは国内ではアトマイザーのTOPTANK Mini付属でTOP BOXとして販売されている事が殆どでMOD単体での販売は殆ど見ませんね。KangerのMODは過去に痛い目見てるのに何故購入したかと言うと最低でも60W以上の出力がある事を前提にした中で単純に安かったからに尽きます。一般的にTCモードと呼ばれる温度管理機能もありNiCrモードでカンタルコイルも温度管理機能で動かせるというのが中々面白いです。ただあらゆる所でカンタルの温度管理はまともに動かないと言われていたので最初から期待はしていませんでしたがちょっとNiCrモードを使ってみました。イガるのが怖いので最初は160度から。うん、早速焦げ臭い。という事で焦げ臭さを感じない所まで下げていくと120度に。まあ使えなくはないけど使う必要性は感じないかというのが私の評価になります。他、Kbox Mini TC 75Wの良い所と悪い所を下に纏めてみました。


  • バッテリー交換型MODでは比較的に軽い方。
  • バッテリーのカバーがマグネット式で装着しやすい。
  • 全てのボタンが前面にあるので操作しやすい。
  • 丁度良い大きさで形状が持ちやすい。
  • 安く入手出来れば必要最低限の機能はあるのでコスパは高い。


  • ボタンのプラスチック部分等、見た目が安っぽい。
  • 液晶の視認性は良いがいかにも安っぽい液晶。
  • TC機能は付いているが今時のMODによくあるTCR機能は無い。
  • 一応ファームウェアアップデートに対応しているが今の所アップデート0。
  • 耐久性はかなり不安。

バッテリーの装着のしやすさや操作性は人気MODのiStick Picoとの比較での評価なんですけど、Picoは底面にボタンがあるのでやっぱり操作し難いじゃないですか。前面にボタンがあるのはやっぱり良いです。あとバッテリーの交換のしやすさやMODの持ちやすさもPicoより良いかな。私的には総じてPicoより好きですね。安っぽい部分に関しては実際に安いのだから仕方ない。これに4,000円、5,000円は無いかなぁという外観ですね。


Joyetech Mod

Joyetech Mod

Joyetech Mod操作方法まとめ 2017年7月更新




  • Temp(Ni/Ti/SS316)
  • TCR(M1,M2,M3)


これがしたい こうする
電源ON/OFF ファイアボタン5クリック
モード切替 ファイアボタン3クリック
決定 ファイアボタンクリック
TC中のW変更 ファイアボタン4クリック
時計合わせ モード切替で時計モードにして、ファイアボタン4クリック。-で設定箇所切り替え。
ディスプレイ反転 電源オフ時に+-同時押し
カスタムロゴ、プリヒート、スクリーン自動オフ設定 ファイアボタンと+ボタン同時長押し、-で設定項目切り替え

How to choose a vape suitable for a new vaper?

How to choose a vape suitable for a new vaper?

After recent years of development, vaping has become more and more popular, and vape products are continually developing. However for new vapers, faced with so many new products and developing technology, selecting the right device that suits their needs is proving to be a much more difficult task as the choices become more confusing with each new product release Therefore its vital that they choose wisely.

Here’s a quick helpful guide to selecting the right vape device.


First, the ‘style’. Probably the easiest to use is the ‘pen’ type device

At some point, many vapers will start trying building their own coil after vaping for a while to take more control over their preferred vaping experience.

Building coils will not only bring enjoyment to them, but also save some money in buying prebuilt coils.

For these vapers, a easy-to-build and simple RDA or RTA will be what they want.

For this kind of products, Aspire Cleito and Cleito120 RTA will be a very good start to their coil building skills. We also recommend Aspire Quad-Flex RDTA kit, which can be configured as an RDA, Squonker RDA, RDTA and Nautilus X tank. This will be very cost-effective for vapers who want both tank and RDA.

Recommendation:Geekvape Blitzen RTA and VandyVape ICONIC RDA


Pen style

For the new vaper, simplicity and ease of use tops the list when it comes to choosing. The pen-style kit works with the touch of a button, no need to adjust wattage or voltage, you just need to fill the tank and press the fire button.

Its also very easy and convenient for a lazy vaper or people with perhaps limited movement in their hands such as the old or infirm.

These products are generally small and extremely portable, you can take in anywhere in purse or pocket.

Recommendation:SMOK Stick X8  and  Aspire PockeX AIO


Smoking cessation

A mouth to lung (mtl) tank

Lots of vapers come to vaping in order to stop smoking, so to mimic their habit initially; it’s wise to choose a mouth-to-lung style tank. This kind of tank has a restricted airflow, similar to the way a cigarette feels. They generally also have great flavor, essential for new vapers.

Due to the restrictive airflow it is able to be used with high nicotine e-liquids to help ‘Kick’ the habit with the usual ‘throat hit’. The mouth-to-lung tank will give the best experience and the feeling will be similar to smoking.

Recommendation:Aspire Nautilus Mini  and Nautilus 2

Sub Ohm Tank

After vaping for some time, vapers will usually move on to require bigger ‘clouds’ of vapor and will want to start sub ohm vaping.

There are more and more vapers (especially the young, in their twenties) who want to enjoy the fuller clouds that a sub ohm cloud set up can bring. The sub ohm products now available run in to the hundreds and can be very confusing. The Sub ohm tank is designed to increase the airflow and increased airflow means bigger cloud vapor production. Another thing that will increase vapor production is a higher VG e-liquid. Which is usually also associated with sub ohm vaping. However, people still expect premium flavor as well as getting bigger clouds of vapor.

Recommendation:Aspire Cleito  and  Cleito120


Single 18650 Box Mod

For (mouth to lung) MTL vapers, a single 18650 mod and its increased flexibility in supporting variable wattage/voltage/TC modes etc. will be good for them, the ease of use, grip, feeling , stability and the whole performance will be the main attraction.

A high-quality mod will be also a cost-efficient choice.

Recommendation:Aspire NX75

Dual 18650s Mod

Different from MTL vapers, the DL (Direct to Lung) vapers might prefer dual 18650s mod which can last a long time for their daily vaping. The higher wattage available will also be necessary for sub ohm tanks such as a RDA or RDTA. The grip, feeling, durability and accuracy of output will be the keys to select a high-wattage mod, and of course the appearance is also very important.

Recommendation:Vaporesso Switcher 220W Mod Kit 


Many new vapers don’t know how to choose tanks and proper mods that match, so the official ‘kits’ will be good for them. Either the color and appearance matching, or appropriate performance, a kit will bring the best experience and convenience to you.


MTL Kit:  Aspire Zelos 50W kit

Sub Ohm Kit:  Aspire EVO75 kit


After reading this article, do you figure out what vape products you’d like to pick?

Vaporesso Switcher Kit – New Year’s surprise

Does taste fatigue happen in vaping?

Does taste fatigue happen in vaping?

What’s taste fatigue?

Taste Fatigue is a phenomenon whereby a person can no longer taste a particular food because they have eaten too much of it over too long a period of time. Does taste fatigue happen in vaping? The answer is Yes.

Taste fatigue happening in vaping means vapers lose the ability to detect the elements of e-juices like flavoring. Let’s imagine you love the taste of strawberry e-juice. You have vaped it and only it over an extended period of time. One day, you realize “you cannot taste the flavor of this e-juice”, or “the flavor is becoming awful”. Some vapers may suspect that something is wrong with the e-juice or has a bad atomizer? It all tastes like mud, or worse ….. this is taste fatigue.

How does this happen?

Most of us blame this on our tongue. Our tongue plays a role, but it’s actually the olfactory fatigue, also known as odor fatigue or olfactory adaptation. Our sense of smell is the primary way we experience the “flavor” of the e-juice. For example, when we catch a cold and have a blocked nose, the food tastes muted, same thing happens in vaping. As you make the switch from cigarette to electronic cigarette, at some point our sense of taste and smell will improve, but with this increased sensation, you smell and taste more flavor than normal, your olfactory senses will be overloaded, and will shut down, causing olfactory fatigue.

How can we prevent this?

  1. Drink plenty of water while vaping; When you vape, you will feel more thirsty than normal. Vaping locally dehydrates your mouth, throat. If your mouth and throat are dry, you won’t be able to taste/ smell the vapor from the e cig very well. So drink enough water, don’t let your mouth and throat become dehydrated.
  2. Vape some menthol e-juice; Menthol can rouse your taste buds and sense of smell, but the effect is not long lasting.
  3. Stop vaping the same eliquid for a short while. This may help you solve the olfactory fatigue temporarily, but it will not resolve the condition permanently.
  4. Expand your e-juice rotation; As stated above, if you vape one flavor of e-juice for a long period of time, you will develop a tolerance to it, different vapers have different tolerances to flavors, so expand your e-juice rotation,It’s best if you have different flavor types in your rotation,then you won’t develop a tolerance as easily. This is the most efficient way to prevent olfactory fatigue.
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