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Chinese Spring Festival is coming, and our holiday sale is also on the way, lets check it out:

Retail customers can enjoy 10% off by applying coupon code: CNY2018, from Feb.10 to Feb. 25 (-0600GMT).
And orders over 59.99USD will enjoy Freeshipping, excluding clearance items, Liquid & Li-ion cells.

Please note:
1. Coupon code is not available for clearance items
2. Each order can apply 1 coupon code only
3. All unpaid orders will be cancelled after the holiday.

healthcabin 2018 spring festival sale

Meanwhile please check our holiday schedule, and arrange your orders in advance:

Spring Festival Holiday: Feb. 12 to Feb. 22, 2018

Sorry that NO customer service from Feb. 12 to Feb. 22, but it’ll be available from Feb. 23.

Shenzhen Warehouse Holiday Time: Feb. 12 – Feb. 22

HK Warehouse Holiday Time: Feb. 13 – Feb. 21

We will try our best to ship orders placed before Feb 10, and ship orders placed during our holiday once we get back to work on Feb 23. All time mentioned above is based on China Time.
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7 E-Liquid Flavors For a Autumn Evening

7 Autumn E-Liquid Flavors

A cool breeze blowing through the burnt orange trees, and the colder, dreary nights reminding you to put on the

old red grandma’s knitted sweater – this is what autumn looks like. But what does it taste like?

Well, you have plenty of options to indulge yourself,

from tasty apples and autumn berries to different pastries and pumpkin pies.

And, thanks to vaping, all of these are now also available in the form of mouth-watering e-liquids

for a warm and seasonal vape on a chilly autumn evening.

We have wrapped up some of the best autumn e-liquid flavors we have ever tasted to give you some ideas on

what to vape while it’s getting colder and colder outside.

Best Autumn E-Liquid Flavors For a Chilly Evening


1. Pumpkin Pie

What would an autumn day be without a slice of a tasty pumpkin pie?

Although this delicacy has long been available in a vapable form,

we consider the Pumpkin Pie flavor from Vista Vapors the best of them all.

What does it taste like? It really is a pumpkin pie!

The combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger is there with every hit,

and it is overwhelmingly mouth-watering.

If you love a bit spicy dessert flavors, this one is for you!


2. Apple Strudel

Apple strudel is another culinary wonder which definitely goes with the autumnal view outside the window.

Thanks to Mt Baker Vapor, this delicious pastry is now also available in the form of e-liquid.

What does it taste like?

It has quite an intense flavor of caramelized sour apple with a strong hint of cinnamon,

with the pastry vibes becoming more palpable on the exhale.


3. Cranberry Bliss

Cranberry is definitely one of the most healthiest berries out there.

However, as it is quite sour, it is not so easy to find a cranberry flavored e-liquid, and even harder

one which is not too harsh. This is where VaporHQ comes in

they have done an outstanding job with the Cranberry Bliss.

What does it taste like?

If you don’t like cranberries, no worries.

This one is very much like a bit sweetened cranberry juice

with rich but not too harsh flavor.

As it still has some sourness in it, it might not work as your all day vape,

but it’s definitely a very autumnal flavor. And an authentic one.


4. Apple

Autumn, of course, also means fresh, juicy apples in your garden.

Getting a great apple taste in your vape, though, might seem impossible,

as there are hundreds of different apple e-liquid blends,

with almost none of them tasting like the real fruit.

However, the Triple Apple from Vista Vapors will be a real yummy for all you apple lovers.

What does it taste like? An extremely fruity and juicy vape.

It is neither apple candy, nor apple juice.

This is a pure, authentic, and pretty strong apple flavor.

As the name suggests, this flavor is a blend of multiple apple varieties, giving you a comprehensive and

sophisticated combination of sour and sweet.


5. Hazelnut

E-liquid manufacturers usually come up with many interesting blends with hazelnut in them;

however, it’s quite difficult to get an authentic hazelnut juice.

In our opinion, mixologists from Vista Vapors have done a great job with their hazelnut flavor.

What does it taste like? The nutty taste is not so pronounced;

it tastes more like a hazelnut and chocolate mix.

However, the vape is very smooth and creamy, and it certainly gives you a smooth and warming feeling

just in time for a chilly autumn day.

We tried this juice with the regular flavor –

to get a stronger taste and go completely ‘nuts’,

make sure to add some extra flavor when ordering.


6. Mushroom Flavor. Wait… WHAT?

Although we are aware of savory flavors getting quite popular among vapers,

the discovery of a mushroom flavored e-liquid was something new for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, an e-juice with cep mushroom flavor in all its glory.

However, be advised that we have not tried this e-liquid yet.



Mini Starter Kit Will Keep Hitting in 2018

Mini Starter Kit Will Keep Hitting in 2018

Looking back the past 2017, there are many big events happened, like the breakthrough in vape industry, full touch screen and smart kit… and vaping regulatuion adjustment so on and so many. One thing i want to mention is that apart from squonk, other trend – mini all-in-one kit, though it not arouse in 2017, it swept the whole year 2017 and will keep hitting in 2018.

First of all, what is mini all-in-one kit?

it’s just a mini starter kit which is light, always square and flat,  producing less fog. It is convenient to bring out and affordable for most consumers.

why it is popular?

*From it’s concept, tiny body with unique appearance, which looks diffirent from the traditional kit, so that it is popular among the young vapors.

*Another important reason is that it not produces as big fog as traditional kit and it is usually beautiful and colorful, many female vapors love it.

*For the newbies in vaping, it is easy to control the fog.


In the past 2017, almost every ecig manufacturer launched mini kit, then, i will introduce 5 types of mini starter kits for beginners.


Suorin Drop Starter Kit

The Suorin Drop Starter Kit is an ultra compact starter kit designed for vapers looking for an easy-to-use device. Shaped like a drop of water-drop, the Suorin Drop presents a smooth feeling when held in your hands. Along with an air switch, USB charging, 2ml cartridge as well as sparkle indicator, it is a good choice to carry anywhere, all the time.

Eleaf iCare 2 Starter Kit 

The iCare 2 features an exquisite rubber paint finish, giving you a softer and smoother feel in hand than ever. Equipped with a removable 2ml tank and an internal 650mAh battery, the iCare 2 is another ultra compact e cigarette starter kit. The tank can be refilled with ease simply by removing the mouthpiece. To activate the device simply press the button and vapor will be produced instantaneously. The intuitive four color LEDs are for ease of checking battery status. By using a higher strength e-liquid, the iCare 2 with its new IC 1.3ohm Head perfectly recreates the sensation you are accustomed to.

Rofvape Peas Vape Pen Starter Kit

Peas Vape Pen is the newest Starter Kit released by Rofvape.It is light and small,and can be easily vaped at anytime and anywhere.With air flow switchm it will start smoking as long as you vape.

Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Starter Kit

Joyetech Atopack Dolphin is a compact pod style vaping kit with an elegant dolphin shape. It has a built-in 2100mAh battery and option 6ml/ 2ml cartridge. You can check the e-juice level through its transparant tube and battery level with its five-level indicator. The JVIC system brings you perfect vaping enjoyment, both for DL and MTL. User will find the sweet spot.

SMOK Stick X8 Starter Kit

Stick X8 is the newest pen style starter kit from SMOK, which brings the user experiences to the top level of this kind. The kit owns a battery of 3000mAh super high capacity and 2000amps continuous discharge capability, the tank it included is the powerful TFV8 X-baby tank, which has a capacity of 4ml and a creative top airflow system. You can enjoy rich flavor and massive clouds with it. Besides, its swivel top cap design can bring you convenience when refills. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

Eleaf iCare 2 Review

SMOK Stick X8 and Stick V8, Which Starter Kit Will You Buy?


SMOK, a rising star in vaping industry

SMOK is developing a ecig brand magnate who has earned its reputation and is still pushing the boundaries of
But do you know how he did it and its brand history?
SMOK also known as Smoktech, was founded in 2010 as the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology
Corporation Ltd, one of the oldest and most experienced companies.
Modern vapers are very familiar with the popular TFV4, which brought untold fame,
but the company’s business originates long before this product.
The company was one of the first who tried to
implement Bluetooth technology in electronic cigarettes,
well, and constantly concentrated their efforts on the
creation of sub-ohm tanks.
2015 and 2016 are very successful for the company, there are TFV4,
which reveals the meaning of the subwoofer, X Cube, H-Priv, TFV8,
so that you all list go to this link and get acquainted with products from the company SMOK.
Today, it is considered to be the global production center of the industry’s waging industry in the
It keeps innovating and launched a series of word of mouth devices,T-privPriv v8Stick
v8ProcolorStick x8 ( click here to get more info of stick v8 comparing with stick x8 ).upload_2017-10-18_19-25-13.png SMOK – a company that is considered to be a true pioneer in the business of wading.Thanks to several innovative devices in its catalog,
it has earned a reputation as one of the true “pioneers” in the vaping industry.
Affordable prices and interesting devices have received a lot of positive feedback
from the vapers from all over the world.We have a vote for your favorite smok kit among these four hot sellers–
t-priv, priv v8, procolor, stick x8,
click here to vote, you can not only get a 25%off coupon but a mysterious Halloween gift.
It is very helpful for us to hear your voice, thank you.

New Year Countdown! Hot Sellers Great Saving! Up To 20%OFF!

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It’s only 4 days to 2018, we want to hold a wonderful party to celebrate the new year’s coming and express our gratitude to all of you. From on now, apply our coupon code: newyear20 on the following items you will enjoy 20%off.

recommended items below:

VOOPOO Alpha I 222W Box Mod

Geekvape Athena Squonk Kit

SMOK Stick X8 Starter Kit

Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Mod Kit

Justfog Q16C VV Starter Kit

Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Starter Kit

Vaporesso Revenger 220W Box Kit



Please note that the items already have discount and Mystery packare are not eligible for using the coupon.


Any question, please feel free to contact marketing@healthcabin.net.

Best regards,

Healthcabin Marketing

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