Giveaway – 10 Sigelei Mods – Enter Now

Giveaway – 10 Free Sigelei Mods – until April 27

Hi All,

starting today, we are going to giveaway 10 free Sigelei sets. We will choose 10 lucky winners. The first 5 winners will be gifted a Top1 Mod. The next 5 winners will get a Vcigo K3 Mod.

We think this is very cool! Tell your friends and share this on Facebook, and twitter.

10 Sigelei Mods Giveaway ends April 27.

We will choose 10 lucky winners. The first 5 winners will be gifted a Top1 Mod. The next 5 winners will get a Vcigo K3 Mod.

TOP 1 and Vcigo K3 are both new products from Sigelei in 2018. Featuring revolutionary looks, and even better performance improvements these two mods are in high demand. As always. Sigelei are easy to use, completely compatible, super stylish with several different color options, and they feel great in your hand. Sigelei are completely compatible with a huge range of coil types, meaning you can chase clouds like a pro.

This contest will be last for one month, meaning you have plenty of time to enter. Please, tell your friends too. 

We love to hear  from you, add your comments and chat with us below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

As always, please ensure your personal info in this contest is correct so we can contact you, and good luck to everyone taking part!

10x Sigelei Products Giveaway

Healthcabin Marketing

3 Smoant Ranker Mod Giveaway March 21 – Mar 30


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    • Paul

      Lol. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I’m afraid the selection process is automated, so we don’t actually pick the winners.

  2. Eugene Yaschenko

    Amazing prizes! Thanks for the chance! Hope to win one.

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a cool mod. If I win I hope to feature it on my site. Fingers crossed

  4. Mikhail Velikanov

    Another great thanks for the chance


    Thank you for the great giving way !

  6. Becca_Cakes

    I really would LOVE TO WIN! (and that is an understatement!) Great GIVEAWAY, y’all are so generous! ❤✌

  7. Jackymax

    I sooooo need a mod and this one looks amazing!! Thanks for the chance HC!! 🙂

  8. Amber

    Love the new format HC, and the newsletters were a great idea, I have really enjoyed reading them. Thanks for such a generous Giveaway!

    • Paul

      thank you very much for the positive feedback.

      we’ll happily accept criticism.

      We’re not quite done with the layout yet, and we’ve got more features we’d like to introduce.

      trust me when I say, we’re keeping busy.


      good luck in the giveaways, we’ll be running them as often as possible.

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