Blog maintenance and improvements coming soon

Blog Maintenance and user experience improvements announcement

It’s a cliche picture of tools to suggest maintenance


Hi Everyone, as part of our regular maintenance we’d like to improve your experience, and, if you have the time, we’d like your suggestions. A blog is a great way to engage. And we want to engage with you, and we want that to be as easy as possible.

Right now, this blog needs a little bit of work. Okay, a lot of work! We’ve got some of our own plans, and we’re working in the background to try and improve the blog.

Firstly, we want to adjust the layout. At the moment, pages take a bit too long to load, and our setup makes Alexa cry (that’s Alexa the web ranking tool – not the Amazon Assistant). So we’re going to try and simplify the pages and posts a bit.

Secondly, we want to reduce friction for you. If you’ve followed a link from Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc., we think you should be able to log-in using whatever profiles you already have. We’d also like to it to be easy to share stuff you see here.

Thirdly, we are hoping to produce more content for you to enjoy and share.

We’re not taking any servers offline, and the store will not be affected.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, we’d really appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

Lastly, if you notice anything a bit wonky in the next few weeks, do feel free to point-and-laugh, but, please bear with us while we test a few things out.

As always, thanks for your patience, and thanks for your support.


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