1x Justfog Minifit Starter Kit + 10x 10% off Coupons Giveaway, From Mar. 2 to Mar. 9

Dear customer,

We are giving away 1 set of Justfog Minifit Starter Kit, hold on, apart from the free gift, we will also offer 10x 10% off Coupons ( available from Mar.10 to Apr.10) for you to purchase it.

It starts on Mar. 2 and ends in Mar. 9, easy to join.

note: any personal info in this giveaway must be authentic.

Justfog Minifit Starter Kit Giveaway

Any question, please feel free to contact marketing@healthcabin.net.

Best regards,

Healthcabin Marketing

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  1. Soohyun Kim

    What a great event.
    I’m looking forward to it.^^

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