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KangerTech K-Kiss Review

I was lucky enough to be able to try the Kanger K-Kiss from James at Health Cabin

Kangertech K-Kiss Starter Kit 6300mAh

My first thoughts were that I would love this thing with the 6300 mAh’s(as a long time user of the iStick iPower 5000)…It would last for days..well I haven’t had the chance to see if it would….I know I can go for 4 tanks on 1 charge (and that is a 4.5 ml glass tank)…..So I took it out for a test run yesterday….all day!!! It was the only mod I used and I must say it sure puts out. I enjoyed the flavor and the clouds, but at times the vape got a little too hot.

Needless to say it lasted the full day and well into the night. I finally charge it when it hit 1 dot of charge and I can’t say how fast it charged as I just know it was full when I woke up today..
The mod is comfortable in my small hands and the coating really makes all the difference in a non-slip way. I love the triangle as it sits nicely on a table and won’t fall over if it gets bumped. There is no screen with the stats (just the the one on top that shows amount of charge in the form of dots) or buttons to change the output, so it’s always at full output…

The tank is excellent, my only issue is trying to get the cap off to fill it, it’s a nice large top fill…….there needs to be more bumps to be able to grip it, (I sure wish they would fix this) it reminds me of the “Troll” or the Veco tank….(I have problems opening them too)….I love the fact that they use the SSOCC coils though as they are easy to find…. It comes with a .02 Ohm coil installed(when I checked it was at .27Ohm), the booklet says it’s resistance is >0.15 Ohm…It says you can use any Ohm coil since it’s just at full output at all times, so later I will try it with a higher coil and add to this review…..

The full kit comes with the mod, tank w/coil, charging cable (mine is orange like the mod & tank rings) spare glass & O-rings and the booklet….

Pros: easy to use, great flavor & clouds, comfortable to hold, nothing to mess with and long lasting power….changeable drip tip (the one it comes with is the hat kind, but comes out easily with a standard DT hole…)

Cons: No screen, difficult to remove top to fill, not being able to use different tanks or Ohm coils, getting hot hits, having to refill it so many times (although that may change with a higher Ohm)….

I would definitely recommend this for new & veteran vapers ….I know I am loving it still today, (BTW just writing this I have filled it twice and down 2 dots!…)

Thank you James/Health Cabin
Kangertech K-Kiss Starter Kit 6300mAh