Meet the HealthCabin Review Team

Our review team represent the spirit of the vaping community: driven, committed, and proud individuals. We go to great lengths to identify with the diversity of the vaping community, and we bring our experience and skill sets to produce reviews that you can trust to be honest, accurate, and well-rounded.

We are happy to share who we are, where we come from, and what drives us as individuals in the vaping community.

At HealthCabin, we believe people are our greatest asset. Each of our team members are the best talent within their discipline, each bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are deeply committed to fostering a diverse, and inclusive workforce. As a global company, we come from a multitude of backgrounds, and we value a variety of ideas and perspectives.

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  • Ken HealthCabin Reviewer


  1. Rodel

    It’s great to have a reviewer team on your website!

    • Paul

      Thanks, your feedback is appreciated.

      At the minute we are working on uploading “a lot” of reviews and redesigning the site at the same time.

    • Paul

      I just replied the same to Rodel.

      Thank you very much! Your feedback (positive or negative) really is appreciated.

      At the minute we are working on uploading “a lot” of reviews and redesigning the site at the same time.

      When someone takes the time to register and post a message, it’s very cool, and we do appreciate your engagement.

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  4. Allen Kiyokane

    Having the opinion of other reviewers is good to have in my opinion… thanks!!

    • Paul

      Thanks Allen. It’s nice to feel appreciated.


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    • Paul

      Thank you for taking part, and thank you for taking the time to post/comment.


  9. Mikhail Velikanov

    Your team lacks a Russian review

    • Paul

      Hi Mikhail, currently this blog is English only.
      We are going to fire up a Chinese Store & Blog in the coming weeks.

      Two of our team currently handle E.Eu and are both quite active on vKontact,
      Drop a message to if you have any questions.

      Currently I don’t have a plan in place to translate our reviews into Russian, I’ll raise the issue.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, all feedback is very welcome, and well received.

    • Paul

      I’ll be entirely honest – the pictures simply don’t do it justice – it’s really really thin.
      It’s very “pocket/purse friendly” is the best way I can describe it.

  10. Peter H.

    Hi to the review Team and thanks for the giveaway

    • Paul

      Hi from the team, and you’re very welcome.

      Thanks for taking part, best of luck.


  11. Kruno Crazy

    nice to have reviewers,plenty of sites just transcribe marketing brochure

    • Paul

      Thanks for the positive feedback. It really helps us know what we are doing right, and what we need to do better.

      We have a spreadsheet in-house where a bunch of us have tried the various hardware and juices.

      I can promise you already, that not every juice will get 5 stars, we would like to be an honest and reliable, authentic resource for the community.

  12. Crystal

    Thank you for the chance to get to kmow your reviewing team.

    • Paul

      Hi Crystal, thank you for taking the time to get to know our team.

    • Paul

      This is what we want to do, to help and support both the community and the brands we work with.
      We will be honest, open, and we want to be trusted to help both consumers and producers enjoy a happy relationship.

    • Paul

      Yes, yes she is.

      A talented colleague and a pleasure to work with.

    • Paul

      Your English is fine!

      Thank you very much for posting.

  13. Javier Arévalo

    I think it’s an original device, as well as beautiful. I want to have it. I hope to get lucky.

    • Paul

      I hope you are lucky too. We run giveaways pretty regularly, if you don’t win this time, soon I hope.

  14. Gennadiy Fedotov

    Неплохой стартовый комплект!

  15. JovanJuric

    it’s always nice to meet faces behind reviews

    • Paul


      There was a little bit of nervousness about putting our faces online.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

      It’s well received.

    • Paul

      You’re very welcome.

      Thanks for taking the time to engage with us.
      We appreciate it.

    • Paul

      You’re most welcome, we want to support the community however we can.

  16. Theodore Mandylas

    Always great to “meet” the health cabin staff! Thank you

    • Paul

      Thank you for taking the time to “meet” us too.

      Also, thanks for taking the time and making the effort to engage.

      Both are appreciated.

      There is a very real vaping community, we are hoping that we can be a respected part of it.

    • Paul

      Thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated.

  17. ricks

    Great little Mod but it Needs a bigger battery.

    • Paul

      That’s an interesting observation.

      I’ll ask the team for opinions when we review it.

      Thank you for the feedback, it’s well received and very much appreciated.

  18. Dan

    Well can’t wait to read a review, especially since this looks like a very interesting new AIO device and one I would like to try.

    • Paul

      I’m a huge fan of AIO.

      I appreciate the ‘hardcore’ DIY crew and all, but I’m down with simplicity, ease of use, and portability.

      I don’t have this one scheduled for review just yet, I’ve prioritized getting the backlog of ejuice reviews we’ve compiled first.
      (We’ve got a significant spreasheet of ejuice reviews)

      As soon as I’ve got those in process, I’ll ask here for what devices and hardware you want reviewed.

      Thanks for your feedback, it really is appreciated.


  19. I heard Suorin is coming out with an updated version of their pods. I haven’t seen them, yet, but hopefully this solves some of the issues with them.

  20. Vyacheslav Fomenko

    the more opinions, the fuller the picture

    • Paul

      I completely agree.

      We have a (small) community of diverse opinions, but we’re happy to be adding our voices to the wider community.
      We can’t take requests just yet, but we’ll be asking for suggestions in the future.

      Thanks for engaging with us, it’s very welcome, well received, and encouraging.


    • Paul

      I am really glad to hear that we can help.

      The first batch of reviews are going to be eliquid (we have collected a lot of results internally).

      I personally am looking forward to the hardware reviews.

      Thanks for your comment, I will pass it on.

    • Paul

      Thanks for your comment, and yeah, we’re quite pleased to be giving these away.

      Good luck!

  21. Andrey Malyshev

    Спасибо за распродажи)

    • Paul

      спасибо за присоединение

  22. Diane Romeo

    Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway!

  23. Mark Fabela

    I’ve heard good things about the Sourin, compared with other pod like system.

    • Paul

      It really is very thin, they have designed it well to use width to achieve what I think is a very portable vape.

      I may ask our team to do a proper review to help people decide whether it will fit their needs.

  24. Phillip Birkhimer

    More opinions/reviews makes it easier to decide

    • Paul

      I agree. Its a quality bit of kit.

      good luck!

    • Paul

      you’re very welcome.

      Thanks for taking the time to engage/comment.

      Its appreciated.

      Good luck!

  25. Stanislav Degtyarev

    Make sure that the review will be critical, not a ‘promo’.

    • Paul

      you are entirely correct.

      we will not be doing promo. we hope to establish ourselves as a respectable, reliable, authority opinion.

      if the juice smells like vomit and tastes like bleach, i personally will not lie.

      I am quite sure the res of the team feel the same.


      thanks for your encouragement, we do appreciate it.

  26. SeregaZ

    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck.

  27. Chandra Wright

    Great to know how helpful and knowledgeable they are.

  28. Heather S

    It’s great that there several people to review items as each can bring a different view.

    • Paul

      we are hoping to do a video and a write up each week. we do have different backgrounds, tastes, etc.

      thanks for taking the time to engage with us


    • Paul

      Thanks for the positive feedback, I will pass it on.

      We do really appreciate it when people choose to engage with us.


  29. Роман

    This is a great device!
    He is the best!

    • Paul

      We really like this device. I will arrange a review soon.

  30. Debbie

    thanks for a chance to win. Very cute and tiny

  31. Kay Haßbargen

    Thx for the fantastic giveaway and your great reviews 🙂

    • Paul

      I can’t resist the meme – “Absolute Unit”


    • Paul

      Thanks, and I agree, this is a cool opportunity.

    • Paul

      again, thanks! Tell your friends!

      Good Luck!

  32. Brandon Shaulis

    Hey Paul thanks for the chance in the giveaway. I could really use this in my life right now. Thanks again.

  33. Philip Galbreath

    I would love to try one of these!

    • Paul

      Thanks, it is really nice to be appreciated.

      I’m working as fast as I can to get them written and uploaded.

    • Paul

      You’re welcome. Good luck! And, thanks for taking the time to comment

  34. ronald hacha

    It’s always good to have reviews

    • Paul

      It’s always good to get positive feedback. Thank you.


    • Paul

      the new layout is still very much a work in progress.
      In the main I’m happy to have reduced the number of clicks to get to the content.

      The color scheme is not where I want it to be yet.
      What would you like to see changed?

      I will be very happy to receive suggestions, and I will consider them seriously.

  35. Craig Harker

    Great job – I will look forward to reading your reviews

    • Paul

      Thank you, and it’s nice to meet you too.


    • Paul

      thank you very much, feedback is always appreciated.

  36. Daniel RM

    A review team is a must have! Well done!

    • Paul

      We agree.

      Thanks for the positive feedback, it’s greatly appreciated by all of us here.

  37. adel

    the review team make everything easy to understand thank you

    • Paul

      THank you for taking the time to give us feedback. It’s really appreciated.

      And, I’m glad you have found the reviews useful.

  38. Konstantin

    Thanks, and I agree, this is a cool opportunity.

  39. Peter G.

    Thanks for the help! I’ve been ordering from HC a long time!

  40. Stevan

    It’s nice to have some on in team to explain users how to use vape devices.

    • Paul


      that’s very kind of you. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, it’s really appreciated.

    • Paul

      We’re good! Hope you’re well too.
      Thanks for asking.

    • Paul

      you’re welcome, thanks for visiting and taking a look around 🙂

  41. Reviews are extremely useful. Thank you for providing eh community with information on new devices.

  42. Chandra Wright

    What you do is very important to many,thanks for all you do.

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