Does taste fatigue happen in vaping?

Does taste fatigue happen in vaping?

What’s taste fatigue?

Taste Fatigue is a phenomenon whereby a person can no longer taste a particular food because they have eaten too much of it over too long a period of time. Does taste fatigue happen in vaping? The answer is Yes.

Taste fatigue happening in vaping means vapers lose the ability to detect the elements of e-juices like flavoring. Let’s imagine you love the taste of strawberry e-juice. You have vaped it and only it over an extended period of time. One day, you realize “you cannot taste the flavor of this e-juice”, or “the flavor is becoming awful”. Some vapers may suspect that something is wrong with the e-juice or has a bad atomizer? It all tastes like mud, or worse ….. this is taste fatigue.

How does this happen?

Most of us blame this on our tongue. Our tongue plays a role, but it’s actually the olfactory fatigue, also known as odor fatigue or olfactory adaptation. Our sense of smell is the primary way we experience the “flavor” of the e-juice. For example, when we catch a cold and have a blocked nose, the food tastes muted, same thing happens in vaping. As you make the switch from cigarette to electronic cigarette, at some point our sense of taste and smell will improve, but with this increased sensation, you smell and taste more flavor than normal, your olfactory senses will be overloaded, and will shut down, causing olfactory fatigue.

How can we prevent this?

  1. Drink plenty of water while vaping; When you vape, you will feel more thirsty than normal. Vaping locally dehydrates your mouth, throat. If your mouth and throat are dry, you won’t be able to taste/ smell the vapor from the e cig very well. So drink enough water, don’t let your mouth and throat become dehydrated.
  2. Vape some menthol e-juice; Menthol can rouse your taste buds and sense of smell, but the effect is not long lasting.
  3. Stop vaping the same eliquid for a short while. This may help you solve the olfactory fatigue temporarily, but it will not resolve the condition permanently.
  4. Expand your e-juice rotation; As stated above, if you vape one flavor of e-juice for a long period of time, you will develop a tolerance to it, different vapers have different tolerances to flavors, so expand your e-juice rotation,It’s best if you have different flavor types in your rotation,then you won’t develop a tolerance as easily. This is the most efficient way to prevent olfactory fatigue.
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What mode should I use between Wattage and TC?

It is very common that new vapers aren’t sure which mode they should use when getting an adjustable mod in their hands.

So here are some tips:

1.  Learn all about the function buttons.

When you get a new box mod, first you should learn about the buttons, regarding how to change the settings with the different button combos, i.e., how to change the modes, how to change the language, how to change the settings etc. You can get this info from the user manual.

2.  Know about the modes.

  • Wattage mode: The wattage mode is the most common mode for vaping, if your atomizer coil is made from Kanthal or SS316L wire material, you can use the wattage mode. Wattage mode has VW, VV and Bypass modes for options.
  • Variable Wattage mode (VW): All the Aspire coils have an accurate suggested wattage range for users’ reference. So you can adjust any watts within this range to find the best wattage point for yourself in the VW mode.Variable Voltage mode(VV): once you get used to adjusting the voltage,  you can start to use this mode.Bypass: This is a direct output mode, if you choose this mode, the mod will detect your coil resistance automatically and adjust the output to the highest wattage that the coil can accept.

  • TC mode: If your coil wire material is Ni/Ti/SS316L, so you need to use the TC mode. Choose the related mode from “Ti, Ni, SS, M1/M2/M3” according to your coil material, for example, if your coil is Ni200, so you just choose Ni. Then You can adjust the temperature in the suggested range to meet your own preferences. Only SS316L can also be used in wattage mode as above
  • TCR setting: The above “M1/M2/M3” is TCR setting, it will allow you to use a more detailed and accurate setting according to the coil material.

  • CFBP(Customizable Firing Button Profiles): The CFBP feature allows for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned. This customization can be made with just a few clicks of the NX mod buttons. There is no need to connect to computer to program settings, making this function very easy to use. Firing button profiles create extraordinary flavor with no limitations on tanks.

3.  Read your user manual carefully.

The user manual will be provided in the package and it is very important for you to read before start using the device. Any important info will be included in the manual so that you can understand the product fully.

4.  Know all about the coil material and suggested setting ranges.

This will help to know what modes you should use and what watts/volts you should adjust to. For good product life and safe use, please don’t use modes inconsistent to the coil material, and don’t adjust the setting out of the suggested range

.5.  Battery use and charging.
If your mod uses battery cells, so you need to use the correct certified batteries for safe use, please don’t use the batteries with broken wrappers.Charge the mod with provided USB cable and provided adapter only. Do not use other, non-Aspire USB cables/adapters.

To those who want to enjoy the taste of Liquid as it is

To those who want to enjoy the taste of Liquid as it is. As far as I can tell you that choosing an electronic cigarette on the condition that it is as easy and delicious as possible, it’s now aspire Cleito Tank one choice. Easily enjoy electronic cigarette as pretty thick taste comes out from ready-made coil. In my case I bought it with MOD and a set of  K4 starter kit, but since the output of MOD of the set is not enough, I purchased separately with Cleito Tank atomizer and it seems better to purchase MOD separately. It is a place where you want to prepare MOD that can output at least 60 W at least with a margin because at least 40 W is required for output. Just as a defect, it leaks pretty liquid due to the deterioration of the coil in the use of about 1 or 2 days. It is also a drawback that the replacement coil is high, but if you do not care about leakage it can be used for a relatively long period of time so the running cost will not be higher than other atomizers.

Although it is the key MOD, if you buy iStick Pico which has become a staple since last year there is nothing to be troubled with most applications, but the combination with the atomizer at the air hole is at the bottom is around the battery cover Liquid accumulates in so much that compatibility is not very good. MOD which is compatible with using Cleito Tank can output at least at least 60 W and the upper part is flat, but MOD which can output a high output so high is expensive so there is a reasonable compromise Even iStick Pico may be okay.

Although it is attached to the sense of stability of the taste in the end, it is not always possible to enjoy the same taste as the taste changes by the e-cigarette, coil, output etc. used with the same liquid. Yesterday was such delicious but today there are many things that the taste is completely different, I think that it is the biggest disadvantage of e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes and Ordinary Cigarettes, Which One Do You Like Most?

E-cigarettes and Ordinary Cigarettes, Which One Do You Like Most?People who are wondering as to whether to start e-cigarette are active smokers or currently want to quit smoking, but they are surely wondering what is good or bad compared with ordinary cigarettes.We compared ordinary cigarettes and e-cigarettes and listed the good places and weakness of e-cigarettes.

First of all, 4 main merits are roughly written down here:

  1. Taste and smell do not become dull, there is no smell of smoke characteristic peculiar to tobacco. You can enjoy various fragrances and tastes from different e-liquid, for example, in this hot summer, we like the fresh e-juice like HC E-Liquid Watermelon Chill  HC E-Liquid Lemon Peachand so on.
  2. There is no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the fire and the risk of becoming COPD dramatically decreases because it contains less nicotine, so that to a certain extent, e-cigarettes are safer than the ordinary ones.
  3. It is cheaper than a cigarette if it is tough and it can be regarded as a long-term investment, like the classical and popular kitKangerTech AKD,Eleaf iKonn 220 Kit which have a long working life, therefore they will save you a great number of money.
  4. Since it will not become ash even if left unattended suck it when you want to suck, there will be no large amount of garbage of ash or cigarette butt, therefore the e-cigarette is also an environment-friendly product.

Secondly, 4 disadvantages go like following:

  1. For new comer, it is never easy to adjust the drip tips, so choose a great starter kit is important to them, for example Joyetech Cubox Kit Aspire Zelos Kit.
  2. E-juiceleaking from atomizer is an annoying thing, but it’s difficult to avoid, even like the Joyetech CUBIS 2 Atomizer that has a good reputation, you can also encounter the same problem with it.
  3. There is worry of ignition and batteryexplosion only on electronic parts. When there is only one e-cigarette, the batteryruns out and there is stress which it cannot absorb.
  4. The availability of e-liquidcontaining nicotine is bad because the absorption rate of nicotine is bad, it lack refreshing feeling in a short time.


【Modレビュー】Joyetech eVic Primo Mini 80W レビュー

joyetech primo mini 80W review



Joyetech eVic Primo Miniです。








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Size: 25.0mm*39.0mm*80.0mm
Colors: silver, black, red, yellow, blue
Output range: 1-80W
Output modes: Power/Bypass/Start/Temp(Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR(M1, M2, M3)
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for Temp/TCR mode,0.1-3.5ohm for Power/Start/Bypass mode
Temperature control: 100-315 degree C/ 200-600 degree F
Depth of 510 pins applicable: 4.0-5.5mm
Battery using: high-rate 18650 cell (continues discharge current 25A)
Max charging current: 2.0A
Max output current: 25A



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