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Policy for Package Declared Value

Dear customers,

For orders to be shipped via DHL, EMS, UPS & FedEx, HealthCabin will require customers to indicate us how much should we declare for your package during the checkout.

There are 3 options, and we will declare your packages as indicated:

FOB: just declare the product value you paid, excluding the shipping fee;
CIF: declare full amount you have paid, including shipping fee;
Input the amount you want to declare. (We will NOT be responsible for any lowering declare value packages if caught by your customs)

For Freeshipping & Registered Airmail packages, no need to make choices here for declared value. We will lower the value for you, and of course you can reminder us in order message.

1. Learn more info about your customs duty free regulations, always there is a limit amount to enjoy duty free;
2. Choose freeshipping or airmail as your shipping methods, but they will arrive slowly;

There are also some changes in SMOK shipping policy, please click here to check.

Free feel to contact us with any questions on package declared values by mailing to support@healthcabin.net.


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