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Joyetech EKEE 80W Mod Kit with Procore Motor Tank Atomizer Review

Joyetech, EKEE, 80W Mod Kit, Procore Motor Tank, Atomizer

Joyetech has released a new stuff named EKEE kit with Procore motor tank and today we got a sample and here I would like to share with all of you guys about my thoughts after testing.

The package is a gift box with a very simple cover design showing the EKEE image and the back of the box shows packing details with including

1*EKEE mod, 1*Procore motor atomizer,

1*ProC1(0.4ohm) head, 1*ProC1-S(0.25ohm) head,

1*Extended Vent pipe,

1*standard glass tube(4.5ml),

1*QC USD cable,


1*warranty card,

1*warning card and spare parts as well as attaching serial number & security code.

Took apart the box, we got the EKEE KIT in red and it looks like a car key at the first sight.

First of all, let’s look at the atomizer first, the Procore motor tank, which consists of drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil & base.

It is pre-built with a 2ml glass tube but there is also a 4.5ml glass tube for alternative, so if you do not like the short & fat shape of the 2ml version, you could change the glass tube to the 4.5ml one.

Top filling design just as what most atomizers do, but no need to thread the top cap, just need to push horizontally per the indicating direction.

The adjustable airflow is set on the bottom.

Now let’s see the mod, unlike other regular designed mods in rectangle shape, the EKEE mod is designed in the shape of a car key, which makes it fashionable.

With the 2000mah built-in battery, it can be charged via USB cable by attaching it with the port on the side.

The exquisite spring loaded 510 connector is applicable for tanks with 510 length ranged from 4.0mm to 5.5mm as well as up to 25mm diameter.

Now let’s turn it on and see what function does it have.

Click the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn it on or off, and you will find there are Power/Clock/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR (M1/M2/M3)/USB Charge mode for options.

Press the fire button 3 times to enter into the mod options, and then click ‘+’/ ‘-’ buttons to switch the mode you prefer and press the fire button to confirm.

As for the After Tem/TCR mode switched, when it is still blinking, click ‘-’ button first then ‘+’ button to switch between Ni/Ti/SS or M1/M2/M3.

Power mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Voltage
  3. Resistance
  4. Puff

Bypass mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Voltage
  3. Resistance
  4. Puff

TC mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Temperature
  3. Wire material(Ni/Ti/SS)
  4. Resistance
  5. Puff


TCR mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Temperature
  3. TCR mode(M1/M2/M3)
  4. Resistance
  5. Puff


Real-time-clock mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Resistance
  3. Puff
  4. Real time

Note: The real-time-clock function is displayed in two ways: digital clock and analog clock.

Press the fire button 3 times and switch the modes by pressing ‘+’ button and then select the clock mode.

Press the fire button 3 times and click ‘-’ button once, it will blink and then click ‘+’ button once to switch between digital clock or analog clock.

Testing result:

  1. Creative design for the shape but it is not very attractive.
  2. Suitable size to hold.
  3. The best working wattage is below 50W and there will be a burning smell with more than 60W.
  4. Vaping experience.

With 0.2ohm ProC1-S coil & 50W power mode, the EKEE kit delivers a good taste of the ejuice as well as nice vaping cloud, but when the wattage is adjusted to more than 60W, there will be burning smell.

Mad Dog GTA Atomizer by Desire Review

Mad Dog, GTA, Atomizer, Desire

Some time ago, the world of waking learned about the drugged Mad Dog. At that time, the atomizer had a rather unusual construct and an interesting correlation between the price and quality criteria. The success of the atomizer was noted by other manufacturers, even a pair of almost identical drifts appeared on the market. In addition, the company Desire itself decided to earn even more money on the wave of popularity and released Mad Dog RDTA along with a complete mechanical mod. Now the Chinese decided to renew the line again and introduced mad dog gta atomizer.


About the appearance of this mad dog gta atomizer, I can only say that the designers clearly did not want to bother and develop something new. Even a not very attentive person will notice a clear similarity with other devices of the GTA format, for example, Troll from Wotofo . Yes, it’s now customary to borrow ideas from each other in waking, but in this case the similarity is very obvious, which simply makes me angry. To the distinguishing features, in my opinion, only a deep engraving of the name of the manufacturer on the ring of the blower adjustment.



The impression of the atomizer improved after I saw what was hiding under the hood. I would not say that the engineers showed us something unique, but I liked the base. Now, if you put a base on this atomizer from Mad Dog RDA, then I would not tell you about it.

Mad Dog GTA Atomizer by Desire – continued with an interesting base

Initially it seemed to me that the tank got the same base that it was in Serpent RDTA from Wotofo. Looking closer, I realized that the principle is the same, but the implementation is different. The base is designed for one spiral, the legs of the spiral are placed under the plates, which are then tightened with screws. The manufacturer does not emphasize this, but in my opinion, large spirals can be placed here.

To my surprise, I did not find information about the capacity of the tank. Refilling is due to the holes under the top cover. The evaporation chamber is filled with air from two slots in the lower part of the case. Inside the base we see one central hole right under the supposed location of the spiral. The blowing adjustment is carried out in the standard way – turning the ring. I would like to see here also the possibility of making the hole narrower with the help of bushes, but the manufacturer decided to do without it.

FreeMax FireLuke Tank Review

FreeMax FireLuke Tank

I cannot call myself a fan of FreeMax . Despite the fact that the manufacturer has already released quite a lot of diverse devices, I have not found a single one for myself. A little change in my opinion helped another novelty from the Chinese – FireLuke . Let ‘s look at this tank more closely and try to decide if there is anything interesting in it, other than an attractive appearance? 

Just want to note that I liked the tank with my appearance. Yes, it is not some cosmic atomizer with steep engravings, etc. But despite this, the designers managed to make a nice device. Almost the main reason – well-chosen color options for the case. I though colorblind, but still could choose for themselves a couple of cool options. The second feature is an interesting form of the reservoir for liquid
If you remember, something like that showed us the company Fumutech , but here, in my opinion, everything is implemented much more successfully. 

FreeMax FireLuke Tank – and who do we have here so puzatenky?

Dimensions : 

Height – 58.4 mm. 
The diameter is 25 mm.
Weight – ’60

Specifications : 
As I understand it, the novelty is positioned as a flagship device, and in my opinion, she has all the chances to compete for success in the market. That’s just with the evaporators comes out a little insulting. The description indicates that the tank will work with 
FireLock Coil Family. All would be nothing, but this line consists of only two options – Sextuple Coil – 0.15 ohm, recommended power from 60 to 140W; Duodenary coil – 0.15 ohm, the recommended power is from 80 to 180W. I can assume that soon there will be additional options.

The majority of users should be pleased with the information about the availability of the serviced base. In addition to being pleasant in financial terms, it will also significantly increase the number of potential buyers of the novelty. As for the base itself, Velocity arranges racks with holes of 2.5 mm at the disposal of the user. For the supply of air to the spirals, there are two nozzles (5 by 4.5 mm). 

Comes with an atomizer comes two glasses for the tank. Both have a slightly convex shape, which is both an atomizer chip and a way to increase the volume. A definite sense of this still exists – depending on the installed glass the volume will be 4 or 5 ml. The tank is refilled through two holes under the top cover.

The air in the evaporating chamber gets through two slots in the lower part of the case. Their size (14 by 3.5 mm) should be enough for a head, both for complete evaporators, and for any adequate spirals. Adjust the tightness of the tightening by turning the ring. It is possible to completely cover the slots, at the end there is a stopper. At the top of the atomizer we see a broad drift type (13 mm). Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided to use its format, so it will not be possible to install its drip type here.

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