Mad Dog, GTA, Atomizer, Desire

Some time ago, the world of waking learned about the drugged Mad Dog. At that time, the atomizer had a rather unusual construct and an interesting correlation between the price and quality criteria. The success of the atomizer was noted by other manufacturers, even a pair of almost identical drifts appeared on the market. In addition, the company Desire itself decided to earn even more money on the wave of popularity and released Mad Dog RDTA along with a complete mechanical mod. Now the Chinese decided to renew the line again and introduced mad dog gta atomizer.


About the appearance of this mad dog gta atomizer, I can only say that the designers clearly did not want to bother and develop something new. Even a not very attentive person will notice a clear similarity with other devices of the GTA format, for example, Troll from Wotofo . Yes, it’s now customary to borrow ideas from each other in waking, but in this case the similarity is very obvious, which simply makes me angry. To the distinguishing features, in my opinion, only a deep engraving of the name of the manufacturer on the ring of the blower adjustment.



The impression of the atomizer improved after I saw what was hiding under the hood. I would not say that the engineers showed us something unique, but I liked the base. Now, if you put a base on this atomizer from Mad Dog RDA, then I would not tell you about it.

Mad Dog GTA Atomizer by Desire – continued with an interesting base

Initially it seemed to me that the tank got the same base that it was in Serpent RDTA from Wotofo. Looking closer, I realized that the principle is the same, but the implementation is different. The base is designed for one spiral, the legs of the spiral are placed under the plates, which are then tightened with screws. The manufacturer does not emphasize this, but in my opinion, large spirals can be placed here.

To my surprise, I did not find information about the capacity of the tank. Refilling is due to the holes under the top cover. The evaporation chamber is filled with air from two slots in the lower part of the case. Inside the base we see one central hole right under the supposed location of the spiral. The blowing adjustment is carried out in the standard way – turning the ring. I would like to see here also the possibility of making the hole narrower with the help of bushes, but the manufacturer decided to do without it.