To those who want to enjoy the taste of Liquid as it is. As far as I can tell you that choosing an electronic cigarette on the condition that it is as easy and delicious as possible, it’s now aspire Cleito Tank one choice. Easily enjoy electronic cigarette as pretty thick taste comes out from ready-made coil. In my case I bought it with MOD and a set of  K4 starter kit, but since the output of MOD of the set is not enough, I purchased separately with Cleito Tank atomizer and it seems better to purchase MOD separately. It is a place where you want to prepare MOD that can output at least 60 W at least with a margin because at least 40 W is required for output. Just as a defect, it leaks pretty liquid due to the deterioration of the coil in the use of about 1 or 2 days. It is also a drawback that the replacement coil is high, but if you do not care about leakage it can be used for a relatively long period of time so the running cost will not be higher than other atomizers.

Although it is the key MOD, if you buy iStick Pico which has become a staple since last year there is nothing to be troubled with most applications, but the combination with the atomizer at the air hole is at the bottom is around the battery cover Liquid accumulates in so much that compatibility is not very good. MOD which is compatible with using Cleito Tank can output at least at least 60 W and the upper part is flat, but MOD which can output a high output so high is expensive so there is a reasonable compromise Even iStick Pico may be okay.

Although it is attached to the sense of stability of the taste in the end, it is not always possible to enjoy the same taste as the taste changes by the e-cigarette, coil, output etc. used with the same liquid. Yesterday was such delicious but today there are many things that the taste is completely different, I think that it is the biggest disadvantage of e-cigarettes.