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Have you ever been troubled by the cold of winter?❄

Why not take a puff to warm yourself?💨

The bright red SINUOUS RAVAGE230 will bring you rare mildness.🔥

Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 Kit consists of the Sinuous Ravage230 Box Mod and the Gnome Evo Atomizer.

Featuring the clear colorful OLED screen,

you can choose the different vaping mode and easy to set parameters.

Also, with the friendly big fire button, push-pull refilling system and resin drip tip,

the Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 will bring the chase vapor.


Can you imagine how small VOLA Kit is?

The KangerTech Vola 100W Starter Kit for vapers looking for a sub-ohm tank

and cloud producing experience without destroying your wallet.

The Vola 100W mod utilizes an impressive highly clearly 1.3 inch TFT Screen to show you the vaping date.


Fuchai Squonk 213 kit has released almost for 3 months, we want to hear your voice about this item.

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Mod Kit Features Double Fire Buttons, Voltage Rgulation Mode,

Come with replaceable rubber ring.

volta adjust mode and square tank are unique design


If you are looking for something small this is the cuboid lite you want!

The Exceed Atomizr adoptes an esay way of e-liquid system and exquisite adjustment airflow control,

New EX Series heads with novel designs are meant to provide prue flavor with great vaping experience,

no matter for mouth-to-lung or direct-lung. meanwhile,

its easy to carry, install and refill .

In short the Exceed atomizer looks smart but means busisness.


HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-KangerTech, Eleaf & Sigelei


KangerTech IKEN Kit

Suitable for all kind of level users.

AKD is slogan for the Advanced KangerTech Design.

These series devices make use of new concept and implement into the device which fit the market,

the main purpose is to let the customer to have best usage experience.

What do you think?

KangerTech POLLEX Mod, white looks good, do you think that?

POLLEX is a new type touch screen design from Kangertech.

It is endowed with slim metal body and excellent using interface.

It will bring you more comfortable hand feeling and much clearer images.

How do you think about the Spider Kit?

What about the FIVE 6 Mini tank?

What’s your vape device at hand?

KangerTech KPIN Mini, do you like pen style?


Eleaf BASAL No longer bothered about traffic😋small and exquisite🤗

Its all-metallic finishes are both beautiful and durable.

Equipped with a 1500mAh internal battery,

the BASAL is capable of outputting 30 watts and has 2A charging for quick and efficient recharging.

The BASAL comes paired with a newly designed all stainless steel,

GS BASAL atomizer that features a refined airflow system and uses the GS Air coils optimized for flavor.


What’s your choice?

Left: Sigelei Fuchai SQUONK 213

Middle: Sigelei Vcigo K2-T

Right: Sigelei Glo-T3

Sigelei Vcigo Moonbox🌙 not Moonshot RTA related.

4 different Mods! ✨.

Sigelei Fuchai SQUONK 213🙌

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 150W Mod Kit Features Double Fire Buttons,

Voltage Rgulation Mode, Come with replaceable rubber ring.

volta adjust mode and square tank are unique design.

Do you want one?