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Sigelei: The surprise is brought to light. We have the newest product: Sigelei Foresight!You guess right?

Put your hand with our MT in the beautiful night.The Sigelei MT combines the most fashionable elements of the electronic cigarette industry and its unique designing style makes it a must have.

Hey guys, have a nice weekend with Kaos Z.Introduce the new 200W Kaos Z Box Mod from Sigelei. Max wattage output is 200W, changeable LED light with breathing effect.

Wismec: The max output of both mods are 200W, but not quite the same.Reuleaux RX2/3, an updated version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, features the replaceable back cover for two or three cells. The high power output of 150W or 200W is available for your preference. Powerful yet intelligent, the equipped variable temperature control function and upgradeable firmware with custom logo will make your device much attractive and popular. Moreover, there are multiple fashionable colors for your options.

Which one do you prefer?

RX23 or RX200?

Similar sizes, different wattages, RXGEN3 is compact yet powerful.😎

Do you think so?

Eleaf: Strong functionality but super light weight, thumbs up if you are impressed.😘

Kanger: Glad to introduce the new device named IKEN Kit

New device, new experience! —— I Believe IKEN

Joyetech: The screen interface of Cuboid Pro is lager and comfortable for the needs of your daily vaping.2.4 inche responsive color touchscreen well designed ui and easy-to-go interface tap button & conventional button for option flip-to-open fill system with convenience proc series heads with intense flavor and clouds.

Innokin: We offer two different sizes of the Thermo RDAs. The 25 mm and 27mm are created to accommodate the perfect fit for…

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Smoant, Lost Vape, Eleaf, Vaporesso, Aspire, Wismec, Joyetech & Geekvape


Smoant: How do you think of the wood grain color for our charonts 218 ? Will you like it be your next mod ?

Lost vape: Take a look from the back of the paranormal mod. What a sexy look of it

Good news for mac users👏🎉 evolv finally came up with the OSX software for mac users to run the escribe.

Eleaf: Does this Eleaf iKuun i200 remind of you of its light weight but great energy?

The Eleaf iKuun i200 Kit.It consists of a iKuun i200 tc mod and a Melo 4 tank. iKuun i200 adopts ergonomic-design fire button, upgradable firmware, customizable logo and 200W maximum output power, which brings you stable and long-lasting vaping experience. The 0.96-inch OLED screen shows the data in a clear and precise way.
Melo 4 is a new generation of melo family. It adopts retractable top-filling, making refill easy and convenient. The adjustable bottom airflow helps you acquire optimal flavor and massive clouds. 6 colors with 2ml D22/ 4.5ml D25 for your selection.

Vaporesso: Which one would you rock? The right or left Vaporesso SoloKit!

Aspire: Speeder 200w kit.Aspire is proud to introduce the Speeder 200W Kit, a combination of the latest new high power Speeder mod and Athos tank. The Speeder is a dual bay removable 18650 battery mod which delivers up to 200 watts (yes that is right, 200 watts!) of power. The kit also comes with a partner tank developed especially to make best use of the power available-The Athos tank. The Athos tank utilize our innovative penta-coil head to satisfy those who prefer both dense clouds and top-notch flavor.

Wismec: The Sinuous SW compact shape still packs power along with its elegant design. Have you ordered a Sinuous SW yet?

Joyetech: Hey buddy ,don’t forget your EKEE and car keys when you go outside 😎🔑

Geekvape: Aegis is the mod you can use for years

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News- Joyetech, Vaporesso,Inookin, Wismec & Geekvape

Joyetech: There is a fan-shaped display on top of the CuBox AIO. It shines when you press the fire button. You can also check the #battery life by identifying the number of the lights.😉What do you think of this design? 😎Like and share to call for a #GIVEAWAY! We’d like to see how much you guys really like this kit.💪


GeekvapeAegis is also juiceproof. No need to worry about your Aegis getting damaged by any leaky tanks…This one of TOP CRAZY TESTS on Aegis , the newest water-proof Box Mod from Geekvape .
It features Water-proof IPX7: Under the IPX7 designation, the Aegis will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meters for up to 30 mins.
This means that a session in the swimming pool, getting caught in the rain, or drifting in river will not cause damage.



Wismec: Which one will be your daily mod?Press 👍 for tube mod;Press 💓 for box mod.

For me, the box mod is mostly used while the tube mod serves as a backup.😊

Simple yet portable, Sinuous SW will be the best tube mod for you on the go.😊WISMEC SINUOUS SW Starter Kit comes with a 3000mAh SINUOUS battery and 2ml (can be extended to 4.2ml) Elabo SW atomizer. Inspired by the sword, the SINUOUS SW has an attractive appearance with interchangeable exterior shell. It supports direct voltage output (max 50W). And the stainless steel connector and spring-loaded 510 pin will have better conductivity with atomizers. The Elabo SW tank features a flip top filling design, extendable tank capacity from 2ml to 4.2ml and WS coil for huge cloud and intense flavor. Available in 5 colors.

Let’s enjoy it from different angles.😉


Vaporesso: When Tarotnano meets OMNIboard2.0! Have you upgrade to enjoy all the great new features?This Kit is the Bees knees, one drag after another it will prove itself the set-up of your dreamToo cheesy? Give the tarot nano and the Veco tank a shot and you will see what we mean.
Up to 80w and all the omniboard functions in a mod that is just the perfect size to be handled and carried with you at all times.
Top-airflow ECO Universal Coil Tank with all the benefits of a variety of choices that will tickle your taste buds staying true to your liquids original taste.


Enjoy your Summer to the fullest, with the beauty that is the Revenger Kit!Here comes the Vaporesso Revenger TC Kit with NRG Tank, an 220W output power revenger MOD and 5ml capacity NRG tank. Massive 0.96-inch screen and 2A quick charging system upgrades your vaping experience to a new stage. The RCT function offers a precise way to know the charging time. NRG tank, which features the innovative interchangeable GT core and slide-n-fill design, will bring a pure flavor and an easy operation to you. Revenger and NRG tank is a great combination to provide a superb vaping experience. 3 colors for your selection.

Sigelei: Today is the last day of our MT Giveaway on the INSTAGRAM!! Stop in and join us.


Innokin:The new colors of the Scion are so awesome!


Joyetech EKEE 80W Mod Kit with Procore Motor Tank Atomizer Review

Joyetech, EKEE, 80W Mod Kit, Procore Motor Tank, Atomizer

Joyetech has released a new stuff named EKEE kit with Procore motor tank and today we got a sample and here I would like to share with all of you guys about my thoughts after testing.

The package is a gift box with a very simple cover design showing the EKEE image and the back of the box shows packing details with including

1*EKEE mod, 1*Procore motor atomizer,

1*ProC1(0.4ohm) head, 1*ProC1-S(0.25ohm) head,

1*Extended Vent pipe,

1*standard glass tube(4.5ml),

1*QC USD cable,


1*warranty card,

1*warning card and spare parts as well as attaching serial number & security code.

Took apart the box, we got the EKEE KIT in red and it looks like a car key at the first sight.

First of all, let’s look at the atomizer first, the Procore motor tank, which consists of drip tip, top cap, glass tube, coil & base.

It is pre-built with a 2ml glass tube but there is also a 4.5ml glass tube for alternative, so if you do not like the short & fat shape of the 2ml version, you could change the glass tube to the 4.5ml one.

Top filling design just as what most atomizers do, but no need to thread the top cap, just need to push horizontally per the indicating direction.

The adjustable airflow is set on the bottom.

Now let’s see the mod, unlike other regular designed mods in rectangle shape, the EKEE mod is designed in the shape of a car key, which makes it fashionable.

With the 2000mah built-in battery, it can be charged via USB cable by attaching it with the port on the side.

The exquisite spring loaded 510 connector is applicable for tanks with 510 length ranged from 4.0mm to 5.5mm as well as up to 25mm diameter.

Now let’s turn it on and see what function does it have.

Click the fire button 5 times in quick succession to turn it on or off, and you will find there are Power/Clock/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR (M1/M2/M3)/USB Charge mode for options.

Press the fire button 3 times to enter into the mod options, and then click ‘+’/ ‘-’ buttons to switch the mode you prefer and press the fire button to confirm.

As for the After Tem/TCR mode switched, when it is still blinking, click ‘-’ button first then ‘+’ button to switch between Ni/Ti/SS or M1/M2/M3.

Power mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Voltage
  3. Resistance
  4. Puff

Bypass mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Voltage
  3. Resistance
  4. Puff

TC mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Temperature
  3. Wire material(Ni/Ti/SS)
  4. Resistance
  5. Puff


TCR mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Temperature
  3. TCR mode(M1/M2/M3)
  4. Resistance
  5. Puff


Real-time-clock mode

Data showed on the screen:

  1. Wattage(range from 1-80W)
  2. Resistance
  3. Puff
  4. Real time

Note: The real-time-clock function is displayed in two ways: digital clock and analog clock.

Press the fire button 3 times and switch the modes by pressing ‘+’ button and then select the clock mode.

Press the fire button 3 times and click ‘-’ button once, it will blink and then click ‘+’ button once to switch between digital clock or analog clock.

Testing result:

  1. Creative design for the shape but it is not very attractive.
  2. Suitable size to hold.
  3. The best working wattage is below 50W and there will be a burning smell with more than 60W.
  4. Vaping experience.

With 0.2ohm ProC1-S coil & 50W power mode, the EKEE kit delivers a good taste of the ejuice as well as nice vaping cloud, but when the wattage is adjusted to more than 60W, there will be burning smell.

IKuun i200, where without the new flagship from Eleaf

IKuun 200, Eleaf As you already know, Eleaf has seriously updated its range by releasing three new devices at once. At two of them we already talked – iKuun i80 and Melo 4.

Now it’s time to get acquainted with the most interesting representative of the latest batch of new products – iKuun i200. I’m pretty sure that this new product will be a success for users, because Eleaf does not update its flagship segment so often.

Let’s see how interesting the novelty turned out.

Eleaf presented their new corporate style together with the box iKonn 220. In my opinion, what was offered to us with iStick boxes has long ago outlived itself, And the new devices look much cooler. IKuun i200 did not become an exception and it looks just fine. It is worth noting that this design allows the novelty to become once with boxes on 2х18650 from Sigelei and other manufacturers.

Pay attention also not to fire button, as it should be to modern boxing, it is executed on the whole side panel 🙂


Height – 78.5 mm.

The width is 45 mm.

Thickness – 30 mm.

Weight – 145.8 g.


Most recently, I complained that Eleaf for some reason pulls with the firmware update on its boxes. I do not exaggerate, the last couple of years I have been watching the same picture on the displays of their mods. Finally, What I’ve been waiting for so long happened – the new box got a new firmware.

I would not say that this is something phenomenal, but still more pleasant than the dull lines on the previous firmware.

Pleases me this also because, Eleaf starts catching up with Joyetech and Wismec.

At the same time, there are not many updates in the technical plan.


To be honest, I’m even a little disappointed that Eleaf did not bother to share anything interesting.


There is only protection against overheating while charging the battery. A very useful feature for boxing with a built-in battery. If, of course, it will work adequately.

– adjustable power range – from 1 to 200W;

– maximum output current – up to 50A;

– Supported resistance of the atomizer in VW mode – from 0.1 to 3.5 ohm;

– Supported resistance of the atomizer in the thermal control mode – from 0.05 to 1.5 ohm;

– a temperature limit of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 315 Celsius);

– protection against overheating – -5 ℃ -50 ℃ / 23 ℉ -122 </s>;

– Available modes of the board – VW / TC (Ni, Ti, SS, TCR-M1, M2, M3);

– the ability to update the firmware.

The built-in battery for 4600 mah is responsible for board power. As for me, a very impressive amount, even for boxing at 200W.

You can argue as much as you like about what is better, a built-in or a separate battery, but one thing I know for sure, in some cases a similar power source is much better.

Moreover, thanks to the micro usb connector supporting 2A, Charging should not take too much time.

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