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Smoant: How do you think of the wood grain color for our charonts 218 ? Will you like it be your next mod ?

Lost vape: Take a look from the back of the paranormal mod. What a sexy look of it

Good news for mac users👏🎉 evolv finally came up with the OSX software for mac users to run the escribe.

Eleaf: Does this Eleaf iKuun i200 remind of you of its light weight but great energy?

The Eleaf iKuun i200 Kit.It consists of a iKuun i200 tc mod and a Melo 4 tank. iKuun i200 adopts ergonomic-design fire button, upgradable firmware, customizable logo and 200W maximum output power, which brings you stable and long-lasting vaping experience. The 0.96-inch OLED screen shows the data in a clear and precise way.
Melo 4 is a new generation of melo family. It adopts retractable top-filling, making refill easy and convenient. The adjustable bottom airflow helps you acquire optimal flavor and massive clouds. 6 colors with 2ml D22/ 4.5ml D25 for your selection.

Vaporesso: Which one would you rock? The right or left Vaporesso SoloKit!

Aspire: Speeder 200w kit.Aspire is proud to introduce the Speeder 200W Kit, a combination of the latest new high power Speeder mod and Athos tank. The Speeder is a dual bay removable 18650 battery mod which delivers up to 200 watts (yes that is right, 200 watts!) of power. The kit also comes with a partner tank developed especially to make best use of the power available-The Athos tank. The Athos tank utilize our innovative penta-coil head to satisfy those who prefer both dense clouds and top-notch flavor.

Wismec: The Sinuous SW compact shape still packs power along with its elegant design. Have you ordered a Sinuous SW yet?

Joyetech: Hey buddy ,don’t forget your EKEE and car keys when you go outside 😎🔑

Geekvape: Aegis is the mod you can use for years

Hot novelty from the company Lost Vape. Box-mod on a new DNA board, called Paranormal

Lost Vape, Box-mod, DNA, Paranormal

Whoever does not lag behind fashion and innovative solutions in the modern wading world is the company Lost Vape,

which since its inception has established itself as a group of professionals who develop serious and quality devices to achieve maximum comfort during hovering.

We have seen a lot of different models from the company with boards of different capacities. The range of devices is constantly updated, and more and more new devices appear that are of interest to any vaper.

The developers of the company cooperate with one of the most famous companies that develops and manufactures chips for modern devices and constantly uses the opportunity to test new boards in its new device.

Another model, which took the burden of developing a new board (DNA75C) was a brand new box-mod called Paranormal, and it’s not the only representative from Lost Vape, which is released on this board.

The previous model was Therion DNA75C , which, incidentally, also was announced not too long ago.

Each box-fashion series Therion was somehow similar to the previous models and so, over time, the designers of the company had to change something.

The new model, in addition to the fact that it got a new name, also changed a bit externally, although the features of the previous series can be seen with the naked eye.

nevertheless, there is something fresh in this model and it carries a new design idea that the developers wanted to convey to their Fans from all over the world.

Qualitative design materials combined with modern technologies of providing

as a functional fee from Evolv LLC will surely make the box-fashion Paranormal the next flagship of the modern box-mod market.

In this device everything is perfect from the exterior to the “stuffing”.

The main material of the case is a zinc alloy, as the external design of the device uses high-quality leather of natural origin,

also in the design of the body you can find carbon fiber, which only complements the external design of the device.

Unlike other manufacturers, the company does not participate in the race for high-capacity or autonomous devices.

The developers of the company firmly believe that 75 watts is enough for a comfortable soaring.

This power is enough not only to get better taste, but also to achieve maximum effect in steam generation.

The DNA 75C is maximally crammed with a variety of features and is a high-performance system that can satisfy even the most experienced vapers.

Key Features:

1) Manufacturer – Lost Vape;
2) Type – box-mode;
3) The base of the case – zinc alloy;
4) Exterior design – wood, carbon fiber, leather;
5) The newest payment from Evolv, DNA 75C;
6) Operates on two accumulators 18650;
7) Power from 1 to 75 watts;
8) Voltage – from 0.6 to 9 V;
9) Temperature control;
10) Upgraded software using themes;

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Innokin, Lost Vape & Vaporesso

Sigelei:The clean and simple Sigelei Compak S-class!

Eleaf:How do you like its brand new interface? Lager front, clear parameters, and % battery..

Just press ❤if you like them all.

Innokin:It’s official! We have teamed up with HealthCabin to bring you this dope color way of the Endura T18. The Innokin ENDURA is the ultimate smoking alternative that delivers a superior experience in a compact, durable and affordable all in one kit.Optimized at 14 Watts with 1.5ohm replaceable coils, the ENDURA delivers a perfect vaping experience every time. The Prism T18 2.5ml Tank has a glass and stainless steel construction which is top-filled for quick and clean refills and the Japanese organic cotton wicking material delivers maximum flavor from your favorite eliquids.

Living life on the simple side? The Endura T20 is the kit for this job!

Lost Vape:FAQ time:

– Yes, there are 2 sets of panels (wood and carbon fiber) included

– Most of you vapers should be able to get one at the end of this week or next week

– Please go visit our website at for local vendors

– MSRP is 139USD

Hope it helps. Keep on vaping 💨💨💨

Vaporesso: Conquer the day, with the Vaporesso Tarot Nano! This Kit is the Bees knees, one drag after another it will prove itself the set-up of your dreamToo cheesy? Give the tarot nano and the Veco tank a shot and you will see what we mean. Up to 80w and all the omniboard functions in a mod that is just the perfect size to be handled and carried with you at all times. l Coil Tank with all the benefits of a variety of choices that will tickle your taste buds staying true to your liquids original taste.

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Wismec, Kanger, Inookin, Eleaf, Geekvape, Smok, Lost Vape & Wotofo

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Wismec, Kanger, Inookin, Eleaf, Geekvape, Smok, Lost Vape & Wotofo

Wismec‏:Start off your work the right way with our RX GEN3 and a cup of coffee.What will be your working mate?

KangerKanger KTOGO Sunny day, nice start of this weekend, where are you going with your vaping device?

Innokin:Here’s something for you to enjoy this weekend, the Innokin Oceanus.

Who needs a ride-along when you got an Innokin Coolfire Ultra?


Eleaf:Compact and fantastic, Eleaf iKuun i200 with MELO4.

Joyetech‏:Joyetech Cuboid Pro. Having an output wattage as large as 200W.

Geekvape: Enjoy my weekend with cracking gold Tsunami Mech Kit and Aegis , show us your beloved atty 😍😍😍

SmokStick X8 is the newest pen style starter kit from SMOK, which brings the user experiences to the top level of this kind. The kit owns a battery of 3000mAh super high capacity and 2000amps continuous discharge capability, the tank it included is the powerful TFV8 X-baby tank, which has a capacity of 4ml and a creative top airflow system. You can enjoy rich flavor and massive clouds with it. Besides, its swivel top cap design can bring you convenience when refills. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

lost vape: Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75C Box Mod. Here comes the Raptor(right) leather and Red(left) leather with gunmetal frame and carbon fiber inlays. You vapers should be able to get one by the end of this week.💨💨💨

Wotofo: Flow Subtank From WOTOFO. Easy life ,Easy vaping!With 4ml capacity Give you a durable vaping experience.

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Inookin, Eleaf, Joyetech, Aspire, Geekvape, Lost Vape & amp;Smok

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Inookin, Eleaf, Joyetech, Aspire, Geekvape, Lost Vape & Smok


Sigelei:Wanna know how amazing this Compack F1 is? Hurry to watch it. 💨💨

The Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230w TC Box Mod introduces powerful new features and industry leading advancement in material design. The Fuchai GLO utilizes adjustable led for a personalized luminous appearance as well as comes with the timeless fuchai 213 design, round edge for improved comfort. 230 watts of power that satisfies any cloud chasers.

Innokin:There’s no better way to get through the midweek crisis than with an Innokin Oceanus.

Eleaf:The compact size, rich functionality and various colors, which one attracts you most? And which color you like best? Eleaf iKuuni80

Joyetech:Available in multiple attractive colors, the ATOPACK PENGUIN SE makes your daily vaping interesting and colorful.😘🐧

Aspire:Competitive subohm tank to Cleito120.Wanna know which one of Athos and Cleito120 is better for cloud?

GeekvapeAegis is perfect for outdoors person who does a lot of fishing and camping etc,. Do you think so ? 😉😉😉

lost vape:Let’s try to put the paranormaldna75c in hand to see what it looks like. And yes, it is a flip and lock battery door on the bottom of the device to convince the replacement of batteries. 👍💨💨

Smok: OSUB King Kit, comes from OSUB series, brings you a great experience with higher power. It consists of OSUB King 220W mod and TFV8 Big baby tank with maximum 220W that powered by two external 18650 batteries. Meanwhile, it continues the big fire key of OSUB series. You would enjoy vaping with ease and verve with TFV8 Big Baby tank.Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!


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