New LIQUA & ARAMAX Ejuice Wholesale Notice

Dear Customer,

Out of exclusive distributors of NEW LIQUA & ARAMAX eJuice, we will not send any WHOLESALE orders with NEW LIQUA & ARAMAX eJuice to below regions: Australia, New Zealand, North US & the whole Europe countries.

This regulation doesn’t apply to retail orders, retail customers can order NEW LIQUA & ARAMAX eJuice from HealthCabin as usual.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please also note Potential Custom Risks to Import Liquid Products


Policy for Package Declared Value




SMOK Shipment Notice

Dear Customer,

As there is an exclusive distributor for all SMOK products, HealthCabin, the official global distributor of SMOK, will NOT send any SMOK products to below countries:

Denmark: Do not send before May 31, 2018;
Russia: Do not send before June 30, 2018;
Poland: Do not send before July 30, 2018;
Netherlands: Do not send before Aug 31, 2018;
Czech Republic: Do not send before Oct 31, 2018;
Slovakia: Do not send before Oct 31, 2018;
Paraguay: Do not send before Nov 1, 2018;
Ukraine: Do not send before Dec 1, 2018;
Australia:Do not send before June 30, 2018;

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your kind undertanding.