You have been planning this vacation for weeks and it’s finally time to pack your bags and go! Then, you remember that you need to bring your favorite concentrates to enjoy while you are away.

But how are you going to avoid attention and use in peace? Simply, use a vape pen of course. In this article, we will give you a boost and list 5 of the best discreet vape pens to use while you relax on your much-needed vacation. Many of these vape pens and more appear on TheVape.Guide’s best wax pens list – a great resource for your vaping pleasures.


1.SMOK Procolor

This beast of a mod is not only sophisticated but is powerful as well.

As an added bonus, we decided to add one more entry to our list – the SMOK Procolor vape mod. It is designed specifically for those who love sweet vape juice. It comes in a variety of colors – 18 to be exact – and is back with added features. Its software has seen a major upgrade – including RGB backlights and a cool OLED screen – and its design makes it perfect for holding firmly in your hand.

Best of all, mounted at the top is the famous sub-ohm baby tank, perfect for storing a gracious amount of e-liquid, making it perfect for taking it on the go and lasting all day long. Some of its other upgraded features includes protection from overheating, an anti-slip firing button, and a puff monitoring system. You can even change the colors on the screen so you can make it match the vape’s actual color. Sounds cool, right?

2. Dr. Dabber Light

This vape pen is perfect for users who are on a budget – especially after shelling out a pretty penny on travel expenses!

Face it:

Vacations are not cheap. You have to pay for tickets (if you fly) or pay for gas (if you drive), plus hotel expenses, a rental car (if you fly), food, and a budget for spending on enjoying what your destination has to offer.

The last thing you want to do is shell out more money on an expensive vape pen. Thankfully, first up on our list is the best cheap vape pen that not only gives you the best bang for your buck but looks d**n good as well.

The Dr. Dabber Light works with THC concentrates and is relatively easy to use. There are no difficult controls to fuss with and is as simple as just load up, turn on, and go. This makes it perfect for beginners who are still learning their way around using a vaporizer. The Dr. Dabber Light is also super sleek and very portable, making it perfect for throwing it in your pocket or purse and vaping on the sly while out relaxing on the beach or dining at one of the local restaurants.

3. SourceVapes Slim 4

For heavy-duty users, the SourceVapes Slim 4 is not only discreet but stands up to multiple vape sessions.

Plan on vaping a lot during your trip? You are going to need a powerhouse to withstand multiple sessions – that is where our next vape pen comes in – the SourceVapes Slim 4. While a bit bulkier than some of the other vape pens on this list, it is still super portable and inconspicuous to use in public places. It even has a storage compartment at the base – perfect for storing extra concentrates for loading up quickly.

This beast is built to withstand whatever you throw at it and is designed to truly change up your vaping experience. It has a variable airflow system for customizing each draw and circular disks for optimal cooling after each hit. This vape pen is not only perfect for getting high on the sly but is very stylish and discreet as well.

4. HoneyStick Beekeeper

Don’t want to deal with the mess of loading up your THC oils? This vape pen makes it easy with pre-filled cartridges.

Next up on our list is the Honey Stick Beekeeper – known for its convenient pre-filled cartridges – taking the guesswork out of vaping your THC oils.

The last thing you want to worry about while vaping on-the-go is loading up your vape pen. It can be messy and if you are pressed for time, it can be downright inconvenient. As well, you probably don’t want to prep for your session while in public.

This oil pen takes the guesswork out of getting your high on-the-go with a simple, sleek design. It is very lightweight, making it perfect for storing in your favorite hiding spots when touring the town. Best of all, the cartridge snaps in easily through the magnetic connecter and charges with USB – what more could you ask for?

5. PAX 3

It would be foolish not to include this beauty – it’s perfect for use with concentrates AND dry herb!

While concentrates are the bee’s knees, some users still like to use good ol’ dry herb. Instead of breaking the bank buying a vape pen and dry herb vaporizer – why not buy one that does BOTH!

On our list is the PAX 3 – the best dual use vaporizer available on the market. It is considered the apple of vaporizers for its beauty, versatility, convenience, and kicka** vapor quality. This bad boy comes with separate ovens – for your dry herb and your wax concentrates.

It is super portable with its compact size and even sports a smartphone app that comes with customizable and preset settings – including one for discreet vaping! While this vape pen is the most expensive on this list, running at around $275, it is worth every penny with its amazing battery life, sleek body, and ability to vape both your stash of bud and your potent concentrates.

Bonus: KandyPens PRISM

It would be a crime not to mention a KandyPens vape – a staple in the vape pen community!

Last but certainly not least – we have the KandyPens PRISM – the overall best vape pen to use on your next trip and rightfully so. There are two sizes so for a truly discreet vape, it would be best to opt for the white one.

This vape pen works with all types of concentrates whether shatter or dab and it perfect for anyone at any skill level. The build quality is attractive and durable with a glass mouthpiece and even better, the vapor quality is nothing to shy at.

This is definitely a vape that you can take with you anywhere while you travel and enjoy your concentrates whether you are at the beach, seeing the sites, or simply relaxing at your hotel room. It is super portable and quite convenient when it is time for your next fix.

Final Thoughts

There are many more great vape pens to explore but these 5 are the best discreet vapes that you can use while traveling. You can’t go wrong with any of these considering their size, ease of use, aesthetics, and their ability to be inconspicuous in the public eye. As a bonus, we added a surprise entry just for the e-liquid vapers. This was a hell of a vape mod that not only looks d**n good but is perfect for making the most out of each vape session while out and about.