The activity of SMOKTECH can be envied by most of Chinese manufacturers. For six months, these guys are releasing as many devices as others have not managed to release for the entire duration of their activities. Thoughts that the quality will suffer at such a rate is quite logical, but the fact is that SMOK still remains one of the market leaders, and the claims for quality are much less than those of others. The next update of the catalog was boxing fashion flagship class – SMOK Procolor with TFV8 Big Baby, got a couple of interesting features.

In my opinion, when developing this box, designers combined modern trends and their own branded chips, which resulted in a very nice box. Thanks to a bunch of various color options, your box can choose how lovers of solid things, and prefer brighter boxes. Of course, branded chips in the form of a fire button on the entire side panel and buttons ± on the front of the case in place.


Height – 85 mm.

The width is 46 mm.

The thickness is 29.5 mm.

Technical characteristics:

If at the beginning of the SMOK activity they had some problems with the chips, at the moment, I personally perceive their fees as one of the most profitable options for the ratio of price and quality criteria. And if you add to this a lot of chips, which SMOK usually supplies its boxes, it becomes clear why they are so popular.

As for the hero of our today’s review, the main thing is the color display. Yes, this is not the first box with such a feature, but in the performance of SMOK I like it more. The display shows everything that the user may need, and even more. The color of information display can be selected from six available.

– adjustable power range from 6 to 225W;

– adjustable voltage range – 0.5 to 9V;

– supported resistance of the atomizer – from 0.1 to 3 ohm;

– Supported resistance of the atomizer in the temperature control mode – from 0.06 to 3 ohm;

– a temperature limit of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 315.5 Celsius);

– the ability to update the firmware.


At this point the chips did not end. Procolor received the same body lighting, like Kaos, with twelve color options. It all looks, of course, very cool, but all my friends, when anyone who owned Kaos turned off this function after a couple of weeks of use. Bothers, and on autonomy clearly affects.

By the way, about autonomy. SMOK engineers decided to manage two 18650 batteries. I will remind you that the declared maximum power of the box is 225W. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the case and is held by a latch. The micro usb connector is responsible for charging and updating the firmware.