Aspire Cygnet -Add It To Your New Year Wishlist

Aspire Cygnet -Add It To Your New Year Wishlist

By the end of 2017 Aspire surprised me a lot, by the fact that they released several pretty interesting products. Here I mean that these guys could not boast of activity before and

pdated their assortment much less often than competitors. The Chinese decided to continue the list of new products right after the holidays and released Cygnet , and now I invite you to discuss it. Cygnet by Aspire – New Wishlist for Beginners

In terms of design Aspire clearly make serious progress. If another year and a half ago their boxes could not stand out against the competition, now the situation has radically changed. This is confirmed by the latest updates, and Cygnetdefinitely not an exception. True, it seemed a little strange to me that the designers decided to return to the format of the boxes with the “understated” platform. Would have made a stick with the installation of an atomizer in the body of the box – it would have been much more interesting, in my opinion.


Dimensions :

Height – 72 mm.
The width is 45 mm.
Thickness – 23.5 mm.
Cygnet by Aspire – New Wishlist for Beginners
Technical characteristics :

Recently I got one of Aspire ‘s fresh boxes in my hands , so I can assure you that the boards they work with are very good. I do not think there will be much different chips, and Cygnetus too will be pleased. What surprised me was the lack of a temperature control regime. Honestly, I do not remember the last time I used it, but it seemed to me that in our time this function has become something mandatory, not a luxury that is provided only in expensive boxes.

As for the batteries, the novelty uses the familiar to all 18650. To be honest, for me this format is already gradually disappearing into the past, but the desire of manufacturers to support it is clear to me. Charge the battery thanks to the micro usb connector. But update the firmware, apparently, will not work. Let’s hope that the Chinese have done everything well and will not need anything in the correction 🙂

– the range of adjustable power is from 1 to 80W;
– the range of the supported voltage is from 0.5 to 8V;
– The supported resistance of the atomizer is from 0.1 to 3 ohm;
– Available modes of operation – VW / VV / BYPASS;
– display 0.86 OLED.

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Geekvape Gbox 200W Squonk Kit review

In this review i take a look at the Gbox 200W Squonk Mod with Radar RDA by Geekvape. The Gbox Squonk kit was kindly supplied for the purpose of this review by James from the Healthcabin.


In the Box


1pc GBOX Mod+Radar RDA
1pc GV Allen Key
1pc USB Cable
1pc Spare Squonk Bottle
1pc Delrin drip tip
1pc User manual
1pc Radar RDA Accessories pack
1pc 510 drip tip adapter

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Gbox is a large mod, but then a dual battery squonk mod is always going to be the size of at least an average sized 3 battery device. The device is quite rounded (the top and bottom being almost egg shaped) which gives it good ergonomics if your hands are big enough. The device is entirely the colour of choice apart from an accent that surrounds the screen and buttons. The fire button sits above and + / – keys below a nice sized screen which displays plenty of information, finally at the bottom at the front is the micro USB port. The back of the device has branding on the vertical in the form of “GBOX” and the cut out section to allow you to press the squonk bottle. The bottom of the device has a release latch which allows the battery door to spring open (again another device where the battery door is done very well). Also on the bottom is more branding, manufacture information and safety stamps. The top of the device has more branding in the form of “geek vape” and the spring loaded 510. The device i was sent is black with deep red accent and looks rather pleasing to the eye. The device came with a black Radar RDA which is stumpy in appearance and comes fitted with a matching black 810 drip tip and gold plated BF pin already installed (the kit also includes standard pin, 510 adaptor and black 510 drip tip). The only outer features of the RDA are the duel airflow and the word “RADAR” printed on it in a very shiny silver.

Radar Specs:

Size: 24mm x 20.8mm(without mouthpiece)
Type: Rebuild dipper tank
Thread: 510
Protruding BF and Standard pin
Color: Black, SS, Gun Metal

Radar Build

The build deck looks rather strange with coils to be fitted at an angle from the sides but downwards keeping the coils at a reasonable height. They are fixed in place again at an angle from above with very good quality grub screws and despite the weird look of the posts it was a breeze to do a build and wick. The juice well is not that deep but due to how snug the sleeve fits over the duel o-rings and height of the side airflow’s i really can’t see people having leaking issues.

Radar Performance

I got very good flavour and cloud from the Radar but i wouldn’t class it as stand out, i used the device mainly with the Digiflavor Drop but gave the Radar a good go and i would say it certainly is a very good RDA in it’s own right rather than just being a make do kit RDA. The airflow has a tiny slit centrally above it. You can use the airflow as a normal duel cyclops but then turning more gives you just the centre section open which now also bring these slits into play. Having the airflow this way allows you do have half airflow while still having it lined up centrally.

Gbox Specs:

● Supports 2pcs 18650 batteries ( not included )
● Wattage range: 5 – 200W
● Resistance range: 0.05 – 3 ohm
● TC range: 200 – 600 Deg.F / 100 – 315 Deg.C
● Supports Ni200, Ti and SS
● Spring loaded 510 connector
● Micro USB port-passthrough capability
● Durable battery lock mechanism
● Variable mode selections: POWER / TC – NI / TC – SS / TC – TI / TC – TCR / VPC / BYPASS
Material: Stainless Steel,Zinc Alloy
Product size (L x W x H): 11.48 x 5.54 x 4.60 cm / 4.52 x 2.18 x 1.81 inches
Product weight: 0.2200 kg
Colours: Pearl Chrome, Army Green, Wine Red, Black & Red

Filling the Squonk Bottle

When fitting the batteries you can see the squonk bottle fits into place in the same way as the batteries, so instead of having 3 batteries you have 2 batteries and the squonk bottle. So to pull your squonk bottle out you need to have the battery door open, then grip the sides through the cut out section and give a little tug downwards. This reveals the metal pipe and bung that seals the bottle. Once filled just put back in through the battery door and push upwards so the bung can seal the bottle and the pipe feeds back inside it. This does work really well but only with your batteries removed as the tug downwards on the bottle sends your batteries flying across the room.

Using the Gbox

The Gbox is the normal 5 clicks on and off, when the device is on you can press the + & – together to lock and unlock those keys but the device will still fire. Also pressing the – and fire buttons together dims the screen to whatever % you want, likewise + and fire together raises the brightness up to a maximum of 100%. The menu system is simple to use, to enter it is 3 clicks of the fire button. The + key takes you through the different modes, power, then the TC wires, TCR, curve and bypass. As you go through the modes, the mode is highlighted. When you reach the mode you want to change settings in wait (seems between 3 – 5 seconds) and it becomes un-highlighted, you can now use the + & – keys to alter values. Despite being a 200w device when in temp control it only allows the wattage to be set up to a maximum of 80w which could be a big issue to high wattage temp control users.


I only vape in power mode so had no issues and found the Gbox seemed very accurate and squonked really well. You can fit up to 26mm RDA’s without overhang so most RDA’s will fit fine. Then of course it’s the main feature, the battery life. I noticed no efficiency issues so you are getting good duel battery life and it is fully firmware up-gradable. I personally found it too large to carry about with me but as a desktop squonker with long battery life it is ideal.

Radar Likes

Good flavour and cloud
Very easy build
Excellent Grub screws

Radar Dislikes

Not very deep juice well

Gbox Likes

Duel Battery
Temp control
Easy bottle removal
Fully Regulated
Good battery door
Easy Menu System

Gbox Dislikes

Have to remove batteries to fill bottle
80w maximum in temp control (not a problem for power mode users)
Not very portable


A very good high powered regulated squonker with good battery life.

I would once again like to thank James from the Healthcabin for supplying the Gbox 200w Squonk Mod with Radar RDA for the purpose of this review.

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Stick V8 – magic wand from SMOK

So I look at the development of wapping and think about how, with such a huge range of products, devices like iJust 2 are still popular? In fact, the answer lies on the surface – among the vapers there are enough people who want to get the most simple and powerful device without overpaying for the functions that are unnecessary to them. This fact is confirmed by the fact that large manufacturers consistently produce similar devices. Among them is SMOKTECH , which recently presented several versions of the mod for beginners. I suggest you see what is now in the directory of SMOK and draw your conclusions on this issue 🙂

Brit One / Stick V8 - magic wands from SMOK

I draw your attention to the fact that in this case, it is of great importance with which atomizer the manufacturer delivers the battery pack, because it depends on it TTX. In addition, as you will be surprised, the design of the devices is slightly different from each other. But this is not a reason to scold the manufacturer. Most of the devices in this class look the same.

Brit One Kit

If you closely follow the activities of SMOKTECH , you should be aware that relatively recently they have a line of mid-range atomizers – Brit . Overview on the tank you can find the tank right here . The manufacturer offered to use the tank with a couple of their devices and now they were joined by Misub. Sets are sold in two versions, which do not differ much from each other.

Stick V8

Where more famous and powerful are the TFV8. It is not difficult to guess that for these tanks SMOK decided to make a more powerful device. Nothing new came up with – in fact, everything here is the same, except for the increased battery capacity and slightly changed design.

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Eleaf iCare 2 Review

At first glance, this miniature thing seemed useless, but after a while, the public suddenly realized that in fact, it was a very convenient and easy to maintain and useful thing. Other manufacturers, which released their analogues, also showed an obvious interest in the new format. But Eleaf is not one of those who stop there. Yesterday I found out that the company’s website had information about iCare 2 .

iCare 2 by Eleaf - it seems this is a new hit

The first thing that immediately catches your eye – the device is significantly different from the first version in terms of design. To be honest, I was even a little surprised. Usually, the following versions of successful products are simply updated and “rolled out” to the market. Designers Eleaf, I just want to praise, because the novelty looks even steeper than the baby that we were shown earlier. I can say with certainty that out of all the presented market in this segment, i like the most iCare 2 . This baby is available in several color options, among which I liked white most of all.

iCare 2 by Eleaf - it seems this is a new hit

Specifications :

But in terms of TTX special differences you will not find here. The designation “electronic nicotine delivery system” is still very suitable for iCare . All that this thing can do is saturate the user with nicotine, without exacerbating its complex maintenance process. In short, if you are pestered with the question “what to buy to quit smoking?” You can with full confidence advise iCare 2 .

For the entire device is responsible for the built-in battery at 650 mah. The maximum power is 15W, the resistance threshold is set in the range from 0.6 to 3 ohm. Charge the battery with the micro usb connector. There is only one cardinal difference – if the first version worked “from tightening”, then the user already receives the fire button.

iCare 2 by Eleaf - it seems this is a new hit

The capacity of the liquid reservoir is 2 ml. Given the specifics of the device, we can say with certainty that there will be no problems with the flow of liquid. Refilling is due to the holes in the bottom of the atomizer unit. In order to “refuel” it is only necessary to remove the upper part of the atomizer, and pour the liquid into one of the holes.

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