HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Inookin, Eleaf, Joyetech, Aspire, Geekvape, Lost Vape & amp;Smok

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Inookin, Eleaf, Joyetech, Aspire, Geekvape, Lost Vape & Smok


Sigelei:Wanna know how amazing this Compack F1 is? Hurry to watch it. 💨💨

The Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230w TC Box Mod introduces powerful new features and industry leading advancement in material design. The Fuchai GLO utilizes adjustable led for a personalized luminous appearance as well as comes with the timeless fuchai 213 design, round edge for improved comfort. 230 watts of power that satisfies any cloud chasers.

Innokin:There’s no better way to get through the midweek crisis than with an Innokin Oceanus.

Eleaf:The compact size, rich functionality and various colors, which one attracts you most? And which color you like best? Eleaf iKuuni80

Joyetech:Available in multiple attractive colors, the ATOPACK PENGUIN SE makes your daily vaping interesting and colorful.😘🐧

Aspire:Competitive subohm tank to Cleito120.Wanna know which one of Athos and Cleito120 is better for cloud?

GeekvapeAegis is perfect for outdoors person who does a lot of fishing and camping etc,. Do you think so ? 😉😉😉

lost vape:Let’s try to put the paranormaldna75c in hand to see what it looks like. And yes, it is a flip and lock battery door on the bottom of the device to convince the replacement of batteries. 👍💨💨

Smok: OSUB King Kit, comes from OSUB series, brings you a great experience with higher power. It consists of OSUB King 220W mod and TFV8 Big baby tank with maximum 220W that powered by two external 18650 batteries. Meanwhile, it continues the big fire key of OSUB series. You would enjoy vaping with ease and verve with TFV8 Big Baby tank.Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!


HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Inookin, Eleaf, Sigelei, Vaporesso & Joyetech

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Inookin, Eleaf, Sigelei, Vaporesso & Joyetech


Innokin:With every step you take, you can always depend on the Innokin Kroma-A. Grab the Ultra Fast power of the Innokin Kroma-A! The next generation upgrade of the internationally bestselling Kroma vaporizer!

Fill up your Kroma-A with some delicious flavor from HealthCabin and enjoy your vape with…The Kroma-A is an ultra compact rapid response vaporizer with 75Watts of Temperature Control Power in an Ultra-Compact 72mm design.Enjoy amazing, full flavored clouds the way you want with the precise 6-75Watt output for the best of MTL and DTL vaping!

Eleaf:Can you find the common features of Eleaf iKuun i80 and iKuun i200? And do you like this black finish?

Sigelei‏: Kaos+Prism=Love.

Aspire: 💨💨 Beautiful, right?😉 Give us a ❤️ if you ❤️ it. 😝😝🌹 Speeder.

Do you want some infrequent stickers on your beloved gears?😎😎 Breeze.

Dog🐕 and vape 💨 , two of my best friends for ever.❤️

Handcheck. ASPIRE EVO75 kit. Aspire EVO 75 Kit is a perfect combination of an Atlantis EVO sub-ohm Tank and an elegant NX75 box MOD. Atlantis EVO applies 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm Kanthal clapton coils to achieve your preferred taste while using a wide array of e-liquid flavors. NX75 box MOD (zinc alloy) features refined lines and five button system. NX75 MOD can be switched between Temp control and wattage mode with one-button navigation.

Vaporesso:The perfect Summer day…poolside with girls and the Revenger Kit!

Joyetech: Being stylish in appearance, the ATOPACK PENGUIN SE was inspired from the Antarctic penguin. It is simple, cool and more.

Cuboid Pro, very nice and clean panel 😎 more.

IPV Velas by Pioneer4you – next handsome

IPV Velas

eryouMost oldfagov must remember what “boom” in its time produced the company Pioneer4you with its rectangular boxes. The result can be compared, perhaps, to what Sigelei did with his boxes at 120, 150W. Until recently, I was sure that things are not going well with the manufacturer as before. But it turned out that their boxes are still popular in certain circles of vapers. Then I realized that the manufacturer himself was not going to stop there and had already presented a couple of absolutely new devices. One of them was IPV Velas , which we will now talk about.

All these things were good with the design of these guys. So, in the case of the hero of today’s review, the main attention is drawn to the appearance of the device. The abundance of bright color options, the presence of “backlighting” seven different colors does the trick. In addition, I also liked the dedicated connector pad. True, atomizers will have to limit themselves a little.

Technical characteristics:

I always said that one of the main advantages of Pioneer4you is the cooperation with Yihiecigar and the use of their boards in boxing mods. Due to this, the company “snatched” to itself the category of buyers interested in purchasing boxes with Yihi boards. In our case, the SX410board is used. I have long been entangled in the range of Yihiecigar, but in quality and manufacturability of their chips it is possible not to doubt.

– adjustable power range from 10 to 120 W;
– range of adjustable voltage – from 1 to 7 V;
– the supported resistance of the atomizer is from 0.15 to 3 ohm;
– Supported resistance of the atomizer in the thermal control mode – from 0.05 to 1.5 ohm;
– range of joules in the mode of thermal control – from 10 to 120J;
– Supported wire types in thermal control mode – nickel, titanium, stainless steel;
– Supported board operation modes – Powerful, Standard, Soft & SXi-Q;
– The temperature limit is from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 300 Celsius).

The box uses the same chip as the IPV Vesta , Which has already managed to prove itself from a good side. As a power source, a standard bundle of two 18650 batteries was chosen. Considering the maximum power limit of 120W, boxing can be called a rather autonomous solution. Moreover, at any time, the batteries can be charged using the micro usb connector.

HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Lost Vape, Eleaf, and more

HealthCabin, Eleaf, Smoant,Aspire, Wismec, Joyetech, Geekvape, Sigelei & Innokin

Lost vape: Paranormal DNA75C, the newest device from LostVape is launched today! 🎉🎊✨ Lostvape brings a new concept together with stainless steel, Die cast zinc alloy, carbon fiber, rose wood, and genuine leather to make this brilliant device. Check it out and see if it is your type.

Eleaf: Fresh color in this hot summer. Eleaf iStickPico Resin

Do you love these red and black Eleaf Mods?

Smoant: charonts218 Let’s see the User friendly UI on our charon TS mod. Easy to use and very sensitive reaction.


Vaporesso‏: Check out What Is Sub Ohm #Vaping: Everything You Need To Know For Huge Clouds.

EcigLife is picture perfect with the TarotNano!

Aspire: Cleito EXO in bronze.

Breeze employs a compact and ergonomic design, no matter how you hold or grip it, it feels good in the hand.

Seems black aspire Speeder mod and black Cleito EXO tank matches well, do you think so?

Wismec: The RX GEN3 is a 3 cell mod that reaches 300W. In a compact and mobile size, this mod looks and performs well.

There is no better #vape to take on the go with, than the RX GEN3. What are the necessities in your handbag?Why not share with us?

In the roasting hot summer, just calm, take a puff from your Wismec RXmini and read something useful.

Joyetech: Cuboid Pro with ProCore Aries 😲WoW😍WoW😲SO COOL ❗❗❗

You never know what you’ll spot when bird watching.

Geekvape: Ammit 25 rta is standing up

Aegis, perfect mod for any type of construction for business

Geekvape Peerless RDA on Tab Pro 😍😍😍, anyone get peerless rda ?


Sigelei‏: Can someone tell me how can I vape so cool like him? Online with the answers. KAOS Holi.

Sigelei Fans, vaping with us. Kaos+Prism!

Innokin: The perfect way to end Monday night is with a CoolFire Ultra.

SMOK Procolor – everything is shining, burning and frying here

The activity of SMOKTECH can be envied by most of Chinese manufacturers. For six months, these guys are releasing as many devices as others have not managed to release for the entire duration of their activities. Thoughts that the quality will suffer at such a rate is quite logical, but the fact is that SMOK still remains one of the market leaders, and the claims for quality are much less than those of others. The next update of the catalog was boxing fashion flagship class – SMOK Procolor with TFV8 Big Baby, got a couple of interesting features.

In my opinion, when developing this box, designers combined modern trends and their own branded chips, which resulted in a very nice box. Thanks to a bunch of various color options, your box can choose how lovers of solid things, and prefer brighter boxes. Of course, branded chips in the form of a fire button on the entire side panel and buttons ± on the front of the case in place.


Height – 85 mm.

The width is 46 mm.

The thickness is 29.5 mm.

Technical characteristics:

If at the beginning of the SMOK activity they had some problems with the chips, at the moment, I personally perceive their fees as one of the most profitable options for the ratio of price and quality criteria. And if you add to this a lot of chips, which SMOK usually supplies its boxes, it becomes clear why they are so popular.

As for the hero of our today’s review, the main thing is the color display. Yes, this is not the first box with such a feature, but in the performance of SMOK I like it more. The display shows everything that the user may need, and even more. The color of information display can be selected from six available.

– adjustable power range from 6 to 225W;

– adjustable voltage range – 0.5 to 9V;

– supported resistance of the atomizer – from 0.1 to 3 ohm;

– Supported resistance of the atomizer in the temperature control mode – from 0.06 to 3 ohm;

– a temperature limit of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 315.5 Celsius);

– the ability to update the firmware.


At this point the chips did not end. Procolor received the same body lighting, like Kaos, with twelve color options. It all looks, of course, very cool, but all my friends, when anyone who owned Kaos turned off this function after a couple of weeks of use. Bothers, and on autonomy clearly affects.

By the way, about autonomy. SMOK engineers decided to manage two 18650 batteries. I will remind you that the declared maximum power of the box is 225W. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the case and is held by a latch. The micro usb connector is responsible for charging and updating the firmware.

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