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HealthCabin, Wismec, Vaporesso, GeekVape

Wismec:Right to left, bigger and more powerful.

Will the RX members meet your vaping demand?

If you like it, just thumbs up .

Both mods are for starters, but quite different.

Which one will you choose?

The sword-like SinuousSW or rainbow MotivPod?

Just leave your choice under the comments.☺

When all parts of RXMachina are detached, can you reassemble it quickly?

Wanna own the tube style mod?

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway on the pin post.

Countdown begins…

Vaporesso:Life is what you make it. Make it beautiful, with the Tarot Nano.

This Kit is the Bees knees, one drag after another it will prove itself the set-up of your dreamToo cheesy?

Give the Tarot Nano and the Veco tank a shot and you will see what we mean.

Up to 80w and all the omniboard functions in a mod

that is just the perfect size to be handled and carried with you at all times.

The Revenger Kit – Beautiful on the inside and out! Sleek and stylish design matched with the OMNI BOARD 2.0.

Revenger X is powered by dual 18650 batteries and max output wattage up to 220W,

which is equipped with 5ml NRG tank.

GeekVape: It seems many people love the Blue Zeus RTA

Share if your like it too !

Zeus is a leak proof RTA designed by Justin, Geekvape GM.

Designed to accommodate beginners, Zeus was made to be user friendly while providing outstanding flavor with 3D airflow and eliminates leakage issues by implementing an improved top airflow.

Zeus top cap has incorporated the quick access design for convenient refill access.


The Athena RDA features a gold plated postless build deck with dual adjustable angled top airflow and is compatible with single and dual coil configurations.

Athena Squonk Kit comes with a complete set of a mechanical squonk mod and a squonk RDA with 6.5ml juice reservoir.

Athena was designed to be compact,lightweight and powerful.

Athena Mod comes with a safety lock switch to prevent accidental firing,

induction made out of high grade material for maximum power output while the Athena squonk RDA uses the top angled airflow system to reduce leakage.

This kit is extremely portable and powerful.

Supplier Daily News-Inookin, Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec & Kanger


Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit Preview, Mech-curious? This one is for you…

Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit Preview

Unregulated devices are generally recommended for advanced users.

For obvious reasons, this product category has not been a primary focus for most vape manufacturers.

But thanks to the steady growth of the industry, these same brands are now able to turn their attention to this sector.

Enter Wismec. Instead of their normal regulated kits,

they switched things up a bit with the latest release of the RX Machina Mech Mod Kit.

Letting JayBo get back to his roots, apparently.

But a mechanical kit from a large Chinese manufacturer… in late 2017? This one intrigued us.


Designed by Jaybo
Resin Appearance
Battery: 20700 battery or 18650 battery
deep juice well
Side, oval airflow, 2 hole adjustment, drip tip
Honeycomb patterned, reptile lile effect
Screw top
Replaceable tube sleeve
Wismec battery casing
Kit Contents:

1 x Reuleaux RX Machina Mod(no cells)
1 x Guillotine RDA
1 x Battery Sleeve
1 x Clapton Coil
1 x Cotton
1 x User Manual
1 x Warning Card
Spare Parts

The RX Machina Kit joins Wismec’s Reuleaux Series.

Designed by Jaybo, the resin tube has a decorative, patterned appearance that is equally reminiscent of fresh

honeycomb and/or snakeskin depending on the limits of your imagination!

A threaded battery cap reveals an inner battery sleeve that can be adapted for use with either

an 18650 or 20700 cell as preferred.

This is an interesting feature that most tube mechs don’t typically offer.

Although, “telescoping” tube mods used to be a big deal as they gave users a choice between 18650,

18490/500, and 18350. But since those smaller batts get drained faster than a hog running up hill,

they became effectively only for aesthetics or “stealth” vaping.

Overall battery life and capacity is the name of the game now since average coil resistances for vaping have

dropped so much.

Wismec continue to push the boundaries of design with their newest mech kit.

Speaking of builds, the Guillotine RDA comes included in the kit.

Although the specs for this atomizer are yet to be released,

it utilizes a centred, dual post configuration and appears to have a generous wicking area and deep juice well.

The posts have large post-slots for trapping substantial multi-strand flat wire builds.

And with large, side airflow slots positioned half way up the top cap,

this RDA looks destined to put out copious cloudage.

Finishing out the RDA is a good-looking marbled resin drip tip (presumably an 810 tip) that matches the sleeve of the mod.

If you like matchy-matchy, this kit was designed for you

As an entry level mech package, the RX Machina Kit has a place within the market,

even if in the niche. All things considered, it appears to be a reasonable kit for users experimenting

with the idea of tube mechs and should probably be evaluated as such. But as always, practice battery safety.

Wismec Sinuous FJ200 Kit: Convenient, Versatile and Timeless

Wismec, Sinuous FJ200 Kit

Born out of a collaboration between Sinuous Designs and Wismec.

Mods in this series have a notably curved, rectangular chassis.

The prominent logo etched above the large, front facing, OLED screen acts as instant identifier.

The contrasting panels are a fixed feature of both designs.

In addition to a larger display screen, one of the primary difference between these two models is a centered, 510 connector.

The FJ200 also features a pre-installed 4600 mAh battery that replaces the dual 18650 cells used in the Predator.

Elegance and convenience combine to bring users a practical and powerful vape device that will stand the test of time.

Power capabilities are also comparable with the FJ200 delivering 200 watts at maximum levels – a mere 28 watts less than its predecessor.

This is a negligible difference given the convenience of the sustainable, built-in battery.

With this model, Wismec is also debuting their latest “temperature proction technology”

users should expect more efficient charging and safer performance overall.

Where the Predator 228 Kit comes paired with the generously sized, Elabo Tank,

the Sinuous FJ200 is combined with the new Divider tank.

The atomizer is available with either a 2 mL or 4 mL e-juice capacity.

The vape tank utilizes the powerful WS coil system for use in the 40W-120W power output range,

while its vertical orientation facilitates excellent vapor and flavor production.

It’s not clear why Wismec hasn’t marketed this model as the Predator V2 because that’s essentially what it is.

Given their various similarities, it appears redundant to invest in both versions,

but at least now you can choose the setup that suits you best.

IKuun i200, where without the new flagship from Eleaf


Supplier Daily News-Inookin, Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec & Kanger

Innokin:Brothers from another mother, Innokin Kroma-A Global and Europe version.

Joyetech: joyetech Your Cuboid Lite can tell you the time⌚

Introducing the most advanced and powerful box mod with a large 1.45 inch TFT color display.

The Joyetech CUBOID Lite is such one of a kind box mod that aesthetically fits your hand comfortably.

Powered by a 3000mAh built-in battery.

it handles 80W max power with a sequence of unique feature including 2A quick charge, real-time cloc,perheat, and nicotine intank calculation and temprature protect for charging.

The Exceed Atomizr adoptes an esay way of e-liquid system and exquisite adjustment airflow control, New EX Series heads with novel designs are meant to provide prue flavor with great vaping experience, no matter for mouth-to-lung or direct-lung.

meanwhile, its easy to carry, install and refill.

in short the Exceed atomizer looks smart but means busisness.

Eleaf: Three different Eleaf mods are all in design style of metal. It will never go out of style.

Do you agree? iJust Nexgen  istick tria

Eleaf iStick QC 200W and iStickTria, both great powerful box mod.

Wismec: When part of RX family get together, a beautiful scenery forms.😯

Are these mods your cup of tea?


KanerTech: KangerTech KPIN Mini,Handy, portable and colorful.Are you a fan of it?

Here we are introducing the best and one of the most conveniently portable vaporizers from KangerTech.

Similar to the K-PIN Kit, with the all-in-one style, K-PIN Mini has a 2.0mL capacity tank.

It is compatible with all SSOCC coils, Top-Filling & Telescopic Mouthpiece, and with mixed colors in Black, Blue, Rainbow.

It has been designed slimly with built-in 1500mAh battery, long-lasting power. Are you searching for an real portable vaporizer?

Then the KangerTech K-PIN Mini kit shall be listed on top of your wish list.


HealthCabin Supplier Daily News-Sigelei, Inookin, Joyetech, Eleaf, Kanger, Wismec & Geekvape

Sigelei: The surprise is brought to light. We have the newest product: Sigelei Foresight!You guess right?

Put your hand with our MT in the beautiful night.The Sigelei MT combines the most fashionable elements of the electronic cigarette industry and its unique designing style makes it a must have.

Hey guys, have a nice weekend with Kaos Z.Introduce the new 200W Kaos Z Box Mod from Sigelei. Max wattage output is 200W, changeable LED light with breathing effect.

Wismec: The max output of both mods are 200W, but not quite the same.Reuleaux RX2/3, an updated version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, features the replaceable back cover for two or three cells. The high power output of 150W or 200W is available for your preference. Powerful yet intelligent, the equipped variable temperature control function and upgradeable firmware with custom logo will make your device much attractive and popular. Moreover, there are multiple fashionable colors for your options.

Which one do you prefer?

RX23 or RX200?

Similar sizes, different wattages, RXGEN3 is compact yet powerful.😎

Do you think so?

Eleaf: Strong functionality but super light weight, thumbs up if you are impressed.😘

Kanger: Glad to introduce the new device named IKEN Kit

New device, new experience! —— I Believe IKEN

Joyetech: The screen interface of Cuboid Pro is lager and comfortable for the needs of your daily vaping.2.4 inche responsive color touchscreen well designed ui and easy-to-go interface tap button & conventional button for option flip-to-open fill system with convenience proc series heads with intense flavor and clouds.

Innokin: We offer two different sizes of the Thermo RDAs. The 25 mm and 27mm are created to accommodate the perfect fit for…

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