Wismec Sinuous P80 – Honey, I shrunk the Predator

Who the heck is John Fairbanks? Sinuous Designs, one of Wismec’s top collaborators and protégé of Jay Bo. He’s best known for designing the Predator 228, an arch rival of the SMOK Alien. Now we look at a device that could have easily been called the Predator Mini. Introducing the Sinuous Designs P80…Wismec Sinuous P80, Predator

It’s not a new aerobic workout routine. The P stands for Predator (or Presa?) and the 80 for 80 Watts. If you already own the P80, read on to learn how to upgrade it and insert your own custom logos.

At first glance, the Wismec P80 resembles the Predator. However, it’s designed for people who want a slimmer, more pocketable device. Unfortunately, we did not receive the Elabo Mini tank, so this review will focus on the actual mod itself.


I tested the device using the SMOK X-Baby and temperature control with the Geek Vape Ammit 25.

Recently the vape industry has been focusing on producing dual-battery devices. It’s refreshing to see that Wismec still hasn’t forgotten about the single-18650 users. Let’s have a closer look at this collaborative effort with Sinuous Designs, AKA John Fairbanks.

It’s lit!

The Sinuous Designs logo is engraved on one side, with the word “Sinuous” and P80 subtlety laser-etched on the other. I do love the matte finish that they used in contrast with the glossiness of its side panels, although I’m not sure how well the paint is going to hold up. Only time will tell…

As an added touch, Wismec has implemented LED lights on each side of the mod that light up when you vape. Nothing too fancy, but it adds a great aesthetic. The best part is how you can adjust the lights to be either green, yellow or red. (The colors are controlled by you, not the battery life.)


The kit comes with the Elabo Mini sub ohm tank. I’m not sure why Wismec didn’t go with a higher Ohm option, even 0.4 Ohms would have been more suitable. Running a tiny 2 mL tank at 80 W with a 0.2 Ohm coil isn’t practical, unless you enjoy refilling juice and swapping batteries all day long.

Speaking of battery life, the P80 utilizes 2-Amp charging, which comes in handy when you’re stuck without a backup, fiending to vape. Imagine being able to charge your 18650s in half the amount of time. If you already own a device with 2 A charging, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Wismec P80 implements a hinged battery door design, much like the one on the SMOK Alien. It stays locked when you need it to, but pops right open with ease. The downside is that the door can easily snap off, if you drop the mod while it’s open. Just be careful when swapping out batteries.

Aside from that, the mod has a sturdy feel to it. I’m not going to implement a drop test, however it doesn’t seem to be fragile, provided that the battery door is shut. It’s no Aegis, but it’s tough enough. The paint scrapes off easily with a key, so I’m not so confident that it will hold up to long term usage.


TFV12, is it said the best atomizer this year? TFV12 Prince says no.


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