Five tips for a transition to vaping

Five tips for a transition to vaping


Five tips for a transition to vaping

If you’re hoping to quit smoking with as little pain and stress as possible, then you may have heard a lot of good things about vaping. Since official studies gave vaping the go-ahead and proved it safer than smoking cigarettes in terms of cancer and heart disease risk, this popular form of nicotine replacement therapy has boomed even more than before. However, whilst switching to vaping from smoking may be easier than trying to go cold turkey, there’s still an uncomfortable transition period that may take some getting used to. Here are some top tips to help you have a better transition.

Invest in a good vape

There’s little to no point in trying cheap vape pens or disposable e-cigarettes if you’re looking to quit the cigarettes for good. Whilst these may be great for a quick fix if you haven’t got your pack of cigarettes on you, many smokers find that they need something stronger to fully replace their cigarettes and get rid of the need to smoke. Whilst it might seem daunting to spend $100 on a quality and advanced vape kit, this is far more likely to be effective in helping you quit than a cheap $10 model.

Find your flavour

One of the best things about vaping is that suddenly, you’re not restricted to that horrible tobacco taste. Vape juice comes in all different flavours, from traditional tobacco brands to fruity concoctions and even your favourite deserts. Don’t worry if this all seems a little overwhelming at first – most new vapers will take some time to finally decide which flavours work best for them. It’s a good idea to find a vape shop that will allow you to try flavours before you buy, to get a better idea of where your taste preferences lie.

Learn the basics

For many new vapers, there’s nothing worse than a coil burning out or something else going wrong with their vape that they have no idea how to fix. The last thing that you want is to end up reaching for the cigarettes again because your vape is tasting horrible or not producing any vapour at all. Take some time to learn the basics, such as changing your coils and cleaning the atomiser. This will make it easier for you to deal with it when these things happen and have you creating clouds again in no time.

Reduce nicotine gradually

When quitting smoking and switching to vaping, many individuals make the mistake of switching to the lowest level of nicotine possible. However, this could end up bringing on nicotine withdrawal symptoms and making your switch harder to deal with. There’s no shame in starting off with the highest level of nicotine available and gradually lowering it every couple of weeks to reduce your reliance bit by bit.

Find an initiative

Lastly, having an extra initiative can help you stay more determined to fully make the switch. For example, you can download apps that count how much money you are saving and monitor your health improvements after switching which can be very helpful for keeping you motivated.

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