How electronic cigarettes are affecting smoking culture?

How electronic cigarettes are affecting smoking culture?


How electronic cigarettes are affecting smoking culture?

Smoking is a topic that has received the attention of both the scholarly world and advocates of good health. It is a serious conversation that touches about one’s well-being as well as the habits that spring up from the culture of smoking. But there seems to be a shift in the conversation with the recent introduction of electronic cigarettes, which have definitely shaped the way people smoke.

There’s no denying that electronic cigarettes have impacted the smoking culture and many people view this as the future of smoking. It has been seen as a safer choice compared to real cigarettes. To help you understand what impact electronic cigarettes have made among smokers, here is a comprehensive walkthrough with all you need to know.

Results of e-cigarettes

Smoking has remained the leading cause of preventable cancer and the introduction of electronic cigarettes seems like a good solution that will help to change the smoking culture and offer a safer alternative. One of the fears many people have about adopting the use of e-cigs is the claims that this could act as a gateway to smoking, but according to a study conducted by Cancer Research U.K., it was observed that e-cigs did not encourage users to transition into smoking. In fact, it was observed that electronic cigarettes could be used as a way to get smokers out of harmful smoking and it perfectly replaces their regular smoking habits without depriving them of the pleasure.

A cleaner, healthier alternative to smoking

Different studies have proved that smoking exposes one to many dangers including the possibility of getting cancer. It has remained a health issue that is killing many people, but due to the fact smokers find a lot of pleasure in smoking, it sometimes is not easy to quit smoking unless there is an alternative like vaping. With vaping, it has become easier to transition from smoking and one of the reasons is that people discover that vaping gives the same satisfaction as smoking, but without the risks that smoking exposes one to. It is also clean and there is no shame in using electronic cigarettes in the public.

Studies conducted on people who vape showed that they did not have high levels of carcinogens and other chemicals that are channelled into the body when you smoke. This showed that vaping is able to reduce the risk of heart disease, lung disease, and cancer. Additionally, a research by The Conversation discovered that cigarette smoke stresses the cells in the arteries, which could increase risk of issues such as a heart disease.

Break from addiction

Addiction among smokers is the biggest challenge and many people who are rehabilitated find themselves back to smoking. It could sometimes be difficult to break from addiction, but with vaping, people who are carrying the yoke of addiction to smoking can get a way out. Vaping gives the user a choice of flavours and the fact that it’s cleaner and smokeless many people love it. You can smoke anywhere, so whenever the urge to have some puffs comes you can easily get your vape pen out to quench your thirst, without fearing you would offend anyone. Definitely, this could be the solution to addiction and elimination of traditional smoking.

Support from government institutions

Following research and discovery that there are many benefits of vaping, different government institutions have come out to endorse the use of electronic cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. Vaping has shaped policy across the world and this could be the reason it has continued to gain adoption in different countries. For example, the British Medical Association released reports that spoke in support of the health benefits of electronic cigarettes, which has been seen as a good solution for smokers who are looking to quit smoking.

More freedom

You can vape anywhere and the practice is dignified if compared to smoking. Nobody will frown upon your vaping culture because this is seen as a safe way to smoke. You can carry your vape pen to your office, hotel, or even use it in public places without facing any restrictions. Vaping saves you from the need to avoid “no-smoking zones”, especially while travelling. Nobody will harass you for smoking an e-cig because it is clean, does not produce smoke and definitely you will not be bothering people while smoking. E-cigs don’t have the offensive aroma of cigarettes, and that means when stored in your pockets there will be no sign that you smoked. They are discreet and you will not get the offensive breath that comes when you smoke a traditional cigarette.

Vaping has shaped smoking and has come as a perfect solution to help those who would like to break from addiction. It is a clean alternative to smoking that does not pose many health risks. While vaping, you don’t get the smoke conventional cigarettes produce, and this means you are protected from diseases that come because of ingesting the smoke. Vaping is shaping the way people smoke, and this could come as a replacement to traditional cigarettes.


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